Sentury Crossover Tire Review & Rating

A vehicle’s tire is arguably one of the essential parts. The tire is what enables your vehicle to move on the road. The tire is responsible for functions such as bracing the load the car is holding, spreading traction and forces used in braking, regulating any shocks on the road and direct the vehicle along the paths taken by drivers.

Therefore, there is a necessity of prioritizing acquiring car tires of high-quality even at the times while it is implying shelling of extra bucks. Sentury Crossover Tires are one of them which have made by taking into considerations discussed above. In this article, we will go through the Sentury Crossover Tire Review and find out what Sentury offers in these tires like its features, specifications, affordability, quality standards, pros, and cons, etc., how Crossover tires are different than others.

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1. Sentury Crossover Tire Manufacturer

The sentury crossover tire is among the best brands of tires among the car tires at the entry-level that will give you value for your money. Sentury Tire Ranked as, among the 75 top manufacturers in the industry. The sentury tire company’s strategy is to manufacture tires that are not expensive. For this they have produced other designs with named as Sentury UHP tires and Touring tires. They aim at being able to work in a market with no specific favorite brand of tire. They seek to get hold of a large percentage of the tire purchases through manufacturing tires that are affordable for the various vehicle types.

what vehicles sentury crossover tires designs for

The sentury crossover tire is engineered for use on vehicles such as Chevy Equinox, Hyundai Santa Fe, Saturn Vue, Subaru Outback, Volkswagen Tiguan, and a variety of other SUV’s that are smaller and all varieties of crossovers. All the designs manufactured are designed to handle their intended work giving you a performance that is better than average. However, there are few sub brands of Sentury tire named as Groundspeed, Landsail and Delinte who are also producing high quality tires for these vehicles mentioned above. Some of the designs are given below:
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2. Sentury Crossover Tire Features & Specifications

Every tire, including the sentury crossover tire, has a specification on its air pressure. If the specification is excess or underinflated, it will result in your tires suffering from an increase of mileage on the gas. Moreover, It will affect the ability of your being able to maneuver your car efficiently as well. The tire has a gauge that of high quality to monitor your air pressure. The indicator will enable you to measure each tire making sure the inflation is according to the pressure recommended by your manufacturer, the central line found in this tire also does not allow any air penetration from the tire.

  • Treads Design with no road noise: How the treads are designed and how they interact with the surface of the road influences the road noise. The sentury crossover tire gives you comfort. Their road noise is average. Its tread design has a pitch arrangement that is optimized by a computer, which assists in reducing the road noise at various frequencies and ensures your ride is as comfortable as possible.
  • Sentury Crossover Tire Sizes & Rating: For inch sizes, the sentury crossover tire offers size 16-18, and you can either settle on H or V speed rating depending on your car type and what it needs. How long do sentury tires last? 500 UTGQ rating on the tire can last you for about 40000-50000 miles. The tire is backed up with a warranty of 40000 miles on the tread, which is suitable for a tire model at the entry-levels. The uniformity of the tire is confirmed for wear of the initial 2/3 inch. And for five years, there is backing for both workmanship as well as materials.
  • Multi-purpose Tires: Many companies may term their tires as multi-purpose while this might not be the case when you get to buy the product. The sentury crossover tires, however, are versatile, and they live up. To their multi-purpose feature, unlike some other brands that fail to hold when the road surface becomes rough. The tire has a variety of features and optimized fully to be efficient for all seasons.
    While it is not advisable to put the tires through off-road conditions that rough, I would recommend them for off-road expeditions that moderate. They are quite reliable in average conditions.
  • Excellent Traction: The depth of the tread of your tires is one of the most crucial factors to ensure your tire is performing well. During wet weather, water builds upon the surface of the road, and tires require tread to improve traction in such a situation. The crossover tire has a tread pattern 5-rib that provides traction that enables the tire to carry out water that is under it and in this case giving you more control of your vehicle. The tread compound is also advanced, making it suitable for all seasons.

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  • Incredible Performance in Handling: Sentury crossover tire gives you unbelievable performance in the case of handling. While its performance cannot be compared to that of high-quality tires, it is above average. It has an excellent performance tread component found at the top of the tread patterns that are asymmetric, leading to an improved response in handling n all conditions on the road.
  • Center rib increase response of the steering: The sentury crossover tire uses a center rib that is semi-solid and continuous to add the response of steering. This center rib also corners stability and increases its response in handling. Also, it has four grooves that are wide and circumferential and lateral that improves the grip on wet pavements.
  • Puncture Resistant: Just like other tires, the sentury crossover tire has belts that crisscross and are found in the middle of both the tread and plies. These belts offer resistance to any puncture possibility, and aid treads remain in touch with the surface of the road. The sipes found around the tread and provide an improvement on traction on road surfaces that are wet, sandy, and slightly snowy.

Most of the products manufactured by the sentury tire company have a low to mid-price range. Still, their quality goes way higher than all expectations, and they compete easily with more prominent brands that charge higher for their products.

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3. Pros & Cons of Sentury Crossover Tires


  • The ride is comfortable with average road noise.
  • Its tread life surpasses what is expected of it regarding the fact that its price is low.
  • Sentury Crossover tire is pocket-friendly, suitable for any low to mid-priced budget.


The sentury crossover tires are most suitable on dry weather but not reliable during very harsh weather such as deep snow. The depth of the tread is not that deep to provide a strong grip on the surface of the road, making it hard and unsafe to ride your car through a snow-filled terrain.

  • In snow and ice, there is traction because the grip is not strong enough to withstand harsh weather situations.
  • The tire does not have a lot of grips.

4. How sentury crossover tire deals with hydroplaning?

Sometimes a car’s tire may get into contact with more water than it can handle, causing the tire to detach from the surface of the road and lose traction a condition known as hydroplaning. The groove mentioned earlier is made in such a way that water is channeled from under the tire. And in this way, higher friction is created to avoid such a case of hydroplaning.

5. Consider Service Life before buying Tires

Paying attention to the service life of your tire is crucial in ensuring the excellent performance of the tire and ensuring your safety. Before purchasing a sentury crossover tire, ensure you do not buy a used tire because their service life is unknown. Also, make sure you get our fittings right before purchasing this tire.

6. Why buy sentury crossover tires Economical

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The sentury crossover tires are very affordable, making them attractive to a lot of people seeking to purchase tires on a tight budget. The tires can be purchased for an amount lower than $600 for a complete set. For tires in that price range, they provide incredible mobility and response in steering. The quality is the best to go for if you do not have the money to buy high-quality tires from names that are bigger in the industry. Sentury crossover tire is offered on sentury tire discount tires. There is a possibility of finding coupons, occasional rebates as well as special offers for this particular tire.

7. Buy Decent brand tires not cheap ones

Purchasing cheap tires is not advisable because most of then are made of material of low quality. The material results in the tires getting worn out in a minimal amount of time. Also, they do not have some features and may lead to your safety being compromised during driving. While most of the high-quality tires are expensive, and it is advisable to go for high-quality, costly tires, sometimes you may be in a situation with no finances and a tight budget, which may force you to go for a cheaper brand. In such a case, it is advisable to go for a decent brand with the best quality tire that will provide efficient services to you. The tire you choose will determine how your tire carries out its day to day function being one of the most crucial components of your car.

Final Verdict on Sentury Crossover Tires

The Sentury crossover tire produced by a Chines manufacturer is well known by people who are seeking good quality and reliable tires at friendly prices. It does not offer specific performance in one place, but instead, it gives you the traction you are seeking to find in a low priced tire. I highly recommend this product if you want the right quality tire at an affordable price. It is also efficient if you need a daily drive for back and forth activities or in case you want to sell your crossover, and you need to dress it up.

The sentury cross over tires completes a space for drivers that are looking for pocket-friendly tires fit for everyday driving.