OHTSU Tire Fp0612 a/s Review & Rating

The OHTSU FP0612 A/S tires are conventional all-season tires that provide you with a high-performance level and grip. They are constructed using an all-season and high-performance compound, which offers you high traction levels in all-weather driving. This tire is designed for sporty coupes, compact sedans, family minivans, and small crossovers.

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One of the things that make the OHTSU tire FP0612 A/S unique is its hybrid construction. Apart from being a great all-season tire, it also presents excellent characteristics of a high performance touring tire. That means that this tire rolls comfortably and silently while enhancing stability and handling at the same time. In this OHTSU Tire FP0612 A/S review, we’ll dig deeper into what makes these tires unique and why they remain a robust selection for your vehicle.

1. OHTSU Tire Manufacturer - Sumitomo Tires

OHTSU Tires are manufactured by a well-known global tire and rubber company, Sumitomo Rubber Industries. They are based in Japan and follow the unique Japanese quality standards in the manufacturing process of tires to deliver maximum performance. If we go in history, then yes, you are right OHTSU Tires was a parent brand, but now OHTSU tire is associated sub-brand of Falcon tire. Sumitomo Rubber Industries has owned both of these brands.

2. Ohtsu tire fp0612 a/s specs and Features

a). Design and performance

The Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tire is designed to keep you moving comfortably. The tire is built utilizing a polyester body cord and steel belts to provide optimum durability. It comes with four big circumferential grooves that assist you in dispersing water efficiently. That allows the large tread blocks to sustain contact with the surface of the road even at high speeds in the wet weather. However, the optimized tread pattern of this tire is not only improved for sporty driving, but the design also enables the tires to roll quietly and smoothly to enhance the NVH features of your vehicle.

The treads and the angled grooves provide you with a better grip as you drive on slippery or icy roads. Deep sipping on the treads also gives you an enhanced grip over snowy or loose surfaces. The OHTSU FP0612 A/S tire is hybrid, and it combines the benefits of a touring and all-season tire, which is the reason why it offers a refined drive without sacrificing stability and high-speed handling.

b). Terrain and traction

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As all-season tires, the OHTSU tires FP0612 A/S have several amazing features that boost its performance in both hot, dry summer and wet/winter rides. The tire provides excellent all-season traction as a result of the blend of its all-season tire compound and its asymmetric tread design. They maintain a firm grip on wet, dry, and winter weather conditions and also promote a safe performance. The four broad angled and circumferential lateral grooves avoid hydroplaning by getting rid of mud and water from below the footprint of the tire. The hydroplaning resistance and enhanced road contact ensure a safe driving experience.
  • Wet Traction: The OHTSU FP0612 A/s tire does not let you down when driving on wet roads, as well. The deeper sipes and angled grooves enable the tires to provide you with blazing performance even in the wet season. The large shoulder blocks also enhance wet handling without even compromising your comfort. However, if you push it, you’ll feel your tires reaching the adhesion limits, and you will require horsepower in higher amounts to make the tires break traction when driving at high speeds. For ordinary highway driving during the wet season, the OHTSU FP0612 A/S tire is more than enough for the job.
  • Dry Traction: On dry weather roads, the OHTSU FP0612 A/S tire offers a relentless grip. The initial turn-in is incredibly sharp, and the handling is predictable and smooth even when you are driving at high speed. Braking during the dry weather is also at the same level as other costly brands of tires, but the OHTSU FP0612 A/S tire tends to squirm under severe braking.However, it has a numb steering feel when driving at slow speeds because the tires are refined enough to influence the steering feel in your vehicle. Luckily, the steering improves typically as the driving speed builds up, which shows the OHTSU FP0612 A/S tire’s performance-oriented nature.
  • Ohtsu tire fp0612 a/s Snow: Since the OHTSU FP0612 A/S is an all-weather tire, it should offer reliable performance even on mild snowy surfaces. In this regard, most users claim that the tires feel at home on pretty light snow. However, if you live in a region with frozen winters and deep snow, it is advisable to upgrade to relevant snow tires rather than placing your bet on all-weather rubber. If you insist on traveling on tarmac roads covered in snow or ice, you’ll feel the rubber rummaging around for grip.

c). Handling and Controllability

Handling and controllability are slightly good on both dry and wet roads. The unique design of the tread blocks keeps the road contact of the tire to enhance controllability. The asymmetric design of the treads provides better road contact, stabilizes the structure of the tire, which eventually increases the steering accuracy and response time to the commands of the driver. The shoulder tread block manages to raise the biting edges that firmly grip the surface of the road during maneuvering and cornering.

The guaranteed handling and safe cornering capability improve the performance of the tire. That is a step ahead when it comes to grip, handling, high-speed stability, and overall refinement as well.

d). Ohtsu tires Road Noise

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The OHTSU FP0612 A/S tire allows you to drive aggressively in comfort and total safety. Nevertheless, it also comes with the issues of road noise. The tire is not the busiest or noisiest cheap tire available in the market, although it can release some mild droning sounds as you build up your speed. The tire is incredibly silent when you are riding at slow speeds or during stop-and-go city driving. OHTSU tires road noise level is low. Nonetheless, as you speed up on highways, the tire roar can be more prevalent, mainly if these tires are used in small compact vehicles. But that’s not a deal-breaker when you consider the low price tag of the OHTSU FP0612 A/S tires. If you compare the noise and handling characteristics of these tires to the OHTSU FP7000 tires, then the OHTSU Tire FP0612 A/S is the winner.

e). Comfort

The OHTSU tire FP0612 A/S is not as comfortable as touring tires, but it does not disappoint in this aspect as well. It feels louder and firmer over rough patches of road, even though the NVH features are acceptable when you consider the price tag. If you have a high-priced luxury vehicle, looking for a high level of comfort in great tires, then the OHTSU FP0612 A/S tire is not a perfect selection for you, although it provides better comfort than conventional all-weather rubber.

f). Long tread life

The Ohtsu tire FP0612 A/S features a robust internal structure that maintains the optimal shape of the tire during your drive. That boosts its road contact and also manages to reduce the road vibrations usually felt in the cabin of a vehicle. The enhanced road contact also distributes the pressure of driving evenly along the tread part. The equally distributed forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering prevent irregular tread wear arrangements across the surface of the tire, prolonging the tire usability and tread life.

g). Size range

In terms of size, the Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tires are available in more than 23 different sizes beginning from 185 /60 R14 to 225 /50 R18. Most of the passenger vehicles are within this specific range, so you should get an ideal size more quickly.

Its side walls contain a layer of a rubber compound that increases its flexibility and resistance to weather conditions. The side walls also have incorporated steel that increases the steering response of this tire hence proper handling. This tire is known for its many sizes, thus can be used over a range of vehicles. 

h). Price Range

The Ohtsu tire FP0612 A/S has a pocket-friendly price tag. When you look around in the market, you will realize that not many all-season and high-performance tires are that affordable. The price of the tire ranges from about $34 to up, which is a bargain for all tires that you find at this level. You might also find some occasional rebates, coupons, special offers and discounted prices on this tire.

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i). Warranty

Ohtsu tires manufacturer (Sumitomo Rubber Industries) gives a warranty, and this shows the faith he/she has in the product. For maximum performance, it is recommended that you mount the tire in sets of four. When it comes to warranty, Ohtsu Tire offers a 40,000-mile tread-life warranty on all OHTSU FP0612 A/S tires.

3. Pros & Cons of Ohtsu fp0612 a/s Tires


OHTSU tire FP0612 a/s has an asymmetric tread pattern that provides a smooth and comfortable ride. This pattern also offers firm traction and increases stability.

  • The cornering and handling grip is quite good.
  • It has sipes that increase its braking abilities and stability. The sipes also improve the stopping distance.
  • OHTSU tires has four circumferential grooves that increase grip on the road surface, provides a smooth ride, and improves traction on wet road surfaces.
  • OHTSU tire fp0612 a/s has a relatively long lifespan as it is made from runner compound, steel, and polyester. This translates to its quality performance.
  • It provides above-average wet/dry traction.
  • OHTSU tire provides ride quality.
  • OHTSU tires are cost-friendly and affordable. They are cheaper compared to other high-performance tires. However, it has value for the lower cost.


  • Traction on hard-packed snow and ice is a bit poor. Hence, its stability and handling are not achieved easily.
  • The tread life might be a problem for spirited riders.

4. OHTSU Tires Good or Bad?

Talking about the OHTSU Tires are god or bad? The most exciting part about this tire is that it is pocket-friendly. Although it is a high-performance tire, its cost is lower compared to other standard tires. It provides value for the lower price. OHTSU tire FP0612 a/s also reduces costs indirectly by minimizing fuel consumption as they roll freely. You do not even need to acquire alternative tires to suit the varying climatic conditions as they can serve in all seasons.

5. OHTSU Tires Rating

Costs spent in repair houses to change tires is also significantly reduced. Therefore, this tire is economically friendly, and you should consider having one. OHTSU Tire is being rated as one of the best tires in the market today as it has excellent features that you could ever desire in a tire. Many users of OHTSU tires have rated it greatly, and this shows or assures you that this delivers fully, and you can depend on it.

Final Verdict on OHTSU Tires fp0612 a/s

The FP0612 A/S tire will surprise you when it comes to the performance you’ll get for the low cost. Wet and dry traction is typically similar to what you can get on other models from other top brands. The cornering grip and steering response of the tire is guaranteed and safe, whether you are passing other cars on the highway or driving around town.

The driving comfort is still another plus for the Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tire. Even though it’s not on the levels of Pirelli or Michelin tires, you will discover that the ride is more comfortable and smoother than you would imagine. Some drivers also claim that this specific tire from Ohtsu is pretty easy to balance.

The main area of concern is the performance of this tire on hard-packed snow and ice. Just like most all-season tires on the market, you are likely to encounter some problems with acceleration and braking. In general, the OHTSU tire FP0612 A/S is among the best low-cost tires you will find in its category. It provides you with high performance, and the cost is ideal for anyone who wants to save lots of cash on new tires.