Cooper Evolution Winter Tire Review & Rating

Driving during winter can be hazardous, especially with tires that are designed for snowy roads. You should always use tires with excellent road grip as well as traction during winter or on icy roads and snow-covered roads. Grip and excellent traction will help reduce the chances of skidding off-road.

Being rated as one of the best tires in the market today, Cooper evolution winter tire has the best features that you could ever need in a tire. Anyone who has ever used it can assure you that they got their money’s worth.

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Winter tires are made specifically for the use in winter conditions; as such, they should be able to tread through smoothly, the cooper tire is perfect as the person behind the wheel can easily control it without too much hassle.

Cooper evolution winter tire is equipped with an aggressive tread pattern, which increases traction and block sound production while driving. No matter the condition you are driving through, you are guaranteed maximum silence when driving on cooper winter tires. Due to its amazing features, in this article, we shall go through the cooper evolution winter tire review.

1. Cooper Evolution Winter Tire specs & Features

The cooper evolution winter tire is well-known for being a great tire and here are some of the reasons;

  • Snow Groove Technology: Unlike most winter tires, the cooper evolution winter tire is equipped with a fantastic snow groove technology, which helps to improve grip on snowy roads. The tire features optimized tread patterns along with a silica tread compound for maximum gripping ability. These tires perform incredibly well on black ice, hard-pack, and snowy roads, among other harsh winter conditions.
  • Increased Traction: Cooper evolution winter tire has an increased number of studs, which helps in boosting traction. Furthermore, there is no excessive noise production when driving on these tires. With a cooper evolution winter tire, you are guaranteed maximum comfortability when driving during winter.
  • Stable: When it comes to stability, the cooper evolution winter tire is equipped with sawtooth center ribs, which offer excellent stability while driving on harsh winter conditions. The tire was designed to withstand almost anything that Mother Nature could provide.
  • Durable: For an extended life span, the cooper evolution winter tire is constructed using the cross-rotational design. This design helps distribute tread wear evenly hence extending the tire’s life span.
  • The snow trapping technology: The cooper evolution winter tire treads are capable of trapping snow in place when it comes to contact. This ability helps improve gripping on snowy roads.
  • Impact-resistant: Cooper evolution winter tire features a casing made from one-ply polyester, which helps to bring reinforcement in the form of impact resistance and durability.
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2. Pros & Cons of Cooper Evolution Winter Tires


  • Incredible Design: There is a nylon and two steel belts reinforcement available in this tire. The two sheets of steel and the nylon are reinforced together to give support to the tread and provide the tire with high-speed uniformity. Furthermore, the combination helps improve reliable handling response.
  • High-quality Treads: Cooper evolution winter tire is equipped with treads with deep depths, which helps increase friction on black ice, among other harsh winter conditions. Furthermore, Cooper evolution tire features a wide circumferential groove along with an open notch, which helps to stand out the water.
  • There is an excellent grip hence contact between the road surface and the tire which leads to great resistance to hydroplaning.
  • Cooper tire has a maximum lifetime mileage as one can easily change the direction of the tires.
  • Cooper Evolution winter tire offers quiet driving experience, even though it is studded.
  • Its silica compound helps in traction even if the temperatures are shallow. Great stability in winter conditions.
  • It is pocket-friendly considering its quality and performance.


Despite having great features, cooper evolution winter tires have some few disadvantages such as;

  • Cooper evolution winter tires are designed for few cars.

3. Why you should choose cooper evolution winter tires

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Unlike most winter tires, the cooper evolution winter tire is equipped with a snow groove technology. It helps to trap snow in the tire’s tread, enhancing snow traction and excellent control over the tire. Furthermore, the tire feature aqua Vac channel, which helps improve traction on wet surfaces and hydroplaning resistance.

The cooper evolution tire features a silica-based compound that enhances all-season traction along with the responsiveness.

4. How to choose perfect winter tires for your car

As a driver, having the right tire to drive on during winter is essential since the roads are often slippery. Here are some key aspects you should put into consideration when choosing the best winter tire for your car;

a). Tire Size

Knowing the tire size for your vehicle is critical. You should ensure that you have the correct tire size for your vehicle. To see the size of your tire, look at the sidewall, and you will find a code such as P225/60 R17.

The P225 is the number that corresponds to the tread’s width in millimeters. Furthermore, 60 represents the ratio in terms of percentage between the width of the tire’s tread, which is the width and top of the tire, which is the sidewall height. R17 refers to the interior diameter of your tire in inches. Knowing how to read your tire’s sidewall and understands it well is essential.

b). The road surface

Understanding the nature of the road surface you often use is essential when it comes to choosing the right winter tire for your car. You should consider investing in high-quality cooper evolution winter tires if you frequently drive off-road. It will avoid skidding while driving in poor conditions.

c). Assessing your tire

Always take your time while in the store comparing different cooper winter tires before purchasing. You should compare the various features and ability each tire offer and buy the one that best suits your need. You should keep in mind that the tire that offers excellent traction on snowy roads is perfect for winter. Such tires will help display mud and snow when driving.

d). Tire rating

Understanding the rating of your tire is essential. Some symbol such as the Alpine symbol or 3PMSF indicates a tire that has passed a minimum performance requirement on snow. This is often known as SG or the snow grip index. Nowadays, all-season tires bear this symbol unlike before, where it was only present on dedicated winter tires. This symbol, however, can make shopping for winter tires a little bit confusing.

For tires with the M+S symbol, it indicates all-season tires since they are designed to perform incredibly well on muddy and snowy roads. These tires often perform well during moderate winter conditions. When purchasing winter tires, you should put the above symbols into consideration for a better tire.

e). cooper evolution winter studded

These are lightweight metals pins that are rooted in the treads of many winter tires. Usually, studs act like snow chains by digging into a compact. Furthermore, they help to improve traction on icy and snowy roads. However, studs are said to be noisy and increase the chances of damaging pavements. It is for this reason, various states in the US have varying regulations on when to use studs on public roads.

Studs are said to perform incredibly well during extreme winter conditions. However, there are studless tires that feature advanced winter tread compound such as the cooper evolution winter tire. These tires handle best in packed snow and mud.

f). Handling and braking

Tires play a significant role when it comes to handling and braking, which is the main reason why a right winter tire is critical. Usually, when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, most tires loos flexibility and traction, which is essential when it comes to safe driving. However, cooper evolution winter tires are equipped with amazing treads, which helps improve adhesion for better control.

Tires with great braking ability are reliable when it comes to handling turns.

g). Budget

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There are various types of cooper evolution winter tires available in the market. These tires differ in quality and prices at the same time. When purchasing a tire, it is advisable to stick your budget. Always compare different prices of tires in the store before purchasing one.

However, despite being pocket-friendly, you should ensure that the winter tire you are purchasing meets your needs. Always take to assess your driving habit and use it to buy the best winter tire for your car.

h). Warranty

When buying a winter tire warranty is becomes essential. Unlike most tires, the cooper evolution winter tire features a treadwear mileage warranty. Most of the warranties offered by tire companies do not include depth fractions and years. You should always purchase tires that come with a warranty.

5. Tips for driving during winter

As we all know that driving during winter can be dangerous, we need to take some extra precautions to improve our safety. Here are some of the essential tips you will need to consider when driving during summer;

  • Being alert: As a driver, it is highly recommended to stay alert while driving during winter, especially when curving bends or when there is poor visibility.
  • Increase your Distance: Even when driving on cooper evolution winter tires, it is essential to keep distance since you are driving under inclement weather conditions. Always maintain a constant distance between you and the car ahead for your safety and other road users.
  • Maintain the speed limit: You are going beyond speed limit will posse a threat to you and other road users. It is advisable to ignore other people when they honk at you for driving at s slow speed during bad weather. However, if you have great winter tires such as the cooper evolution winter tire, you can drive within the speed limit without having any problem.
  • Stay Away from the Uphill Climb: If you live in a hilly area and your car cannot go up the hill when it snows, it is advisable not to drive. You should, therefore, find an alternative way. If you have great winter tires, it is advisable to assess your car’s condition before attempting going uphill during winter.

Final Verdict on Cooper Evolution Winter Tires

When it comes to driving during winter, safety has to be your priority. Having a cooper evolution winter tire will help you overcome some harsh winter conditions such as driving on snowy roads and black ice.

When driving during winter, you should always try and avoid slamming on your brakes. It is, however, advisable to have full control of your car. Nevertheless, going easy on your brake is recommended instead of slamming on to it.