Cobra Jump Starter Pack Review

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it’s nice to have your attention on my insightful Cobra jump pack review. Cobra jump pack seems to be the talk of the town currently, with many buyers praising the product. Not only is CJP accessible offline, but it is also trending online and earning endless praise. As such, it came to my attention, and I wasn’t going to let it pass without sharing with you what I found out.

So, read on to find out what Cobra jump pack is, what this product features, and the pros as well as cons you can expect from it. Discover what sets it apart from other products in its class and what other buyers are saying. Finally, find out where to buy the jump pack and check out my final verdict from an expert’s perspective. With that said, let’s get started:

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For starters, the Cobra jump pack is a jump starter kit that is said to be more reliable and useful than other products in its category. This 3-in-1 portable unit serves as a battery jump starter, a charger for different portable devices, and a flashlight with SOS and strobe emergency functionalities. This multi-purpose starter pack jump-starts not only motor vehicle engines but also motorcycle, boat, and snowmobile engines.

Ideal for diesel and petroleum engines, the Cobra jump pack can be the ideal jump-starting solution for your car, cargo van, or light-duty track besides other vehicles mentioned above. Apart from that, it can be the most convenient way to charge your smartphone, tablet, or any other portable gadget with a USB charging port. Below are the features and technical specifications of this product:

Review of The Cobra Jump Pack

1. Cobra Jump Pack Features & Technical Specs

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  • It is designed for motor vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and snowmobiles.
  • Jump starts up to three vehicles on a single charge.
  • Rated 300A starting current and 500A peak current.
  • AC and DC adapters rated 120-Volts and 13.8-volts, respectively.
  • Jump starts engines, charges portable gadgets, and illuminates like a powerful flashlight.
  • USB power pack rated 41.1-watt-hours (11,100mAh). For starters, the watt-hour is also known as “Wh,” which is a unit of energy equivalent to one watt (1 W) of power expended for one hour (1 h) of time. While not a standard unit in any formal system, the Wh is commonly used in describing the capacity of several charging devices such as this one.
  • The jump starter pack comes with a car adapter, AC adapter, and a pair of heavy-duty jumper cables with clamps and a nice carrying case.
  • The product has two different charging methods; AC and DC.
  • Item features advanced protection circuitry.
  • Jump starter pack boasts a portable design.
  • The product weighs 9.2 oz.
  • Product manufactured by Cobra Electronics.
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2. Pros & Cons of Cobra Jump Pack


There is a lot to like and find attractive about this car jump-starting kit. I have been glad to have it in many situations, and it has spared me the embarasment of flagging down a stranger in order to use there phone, or to ask for a jump start. A few of the tops ones that I found are:

  • Starts Up to Three Vehicles on a Single Charge: The Cobra jump pack boasts an advanced Lithium-Cobalt battery with enough power to jump-start up to three vehicles on a single charge. Many alternative jump packs will need to recharge first before they can be helpful again after jumpstarting just a single-vehicle. With this jump starter pack, however, you can jump-start your car up to three consecutive times before needing to recharge it for further use.
  • Serves Multiple Purposes: Another advantage of this product is that it jump-starts many things besides motor vehicles. For instance, you can use it to jump-start your motorcycle, boat, or snowmobile when the battery is drained. Apart from that, the Cobra jump pack also serves as a battery charger. So, after jump-starting your car, motorcycle, boat, or snowmobile, you can use it to charge the battery, especially if your engine’s battery charging system is faulty. In addition to charging your engine’s battery, you can also use this product to charge your portable gadgets, whether that be your smartphone, tablet, or any other.
    Last but not least, you can use the portable unit as a convenient illumination solution since it comes with a built-in LED flashlight with an ultra-powerful beam. Plus, this flashlight comes complete with SOS and strobe functionalities for emergencies. So, when you buy this product, you get a jump starter, a charger, and a flashlight all bundled into a single unit. With that, there is no need to spend on a charger or a flashlight.
  • Extra Safety: In addition to serving multiple purposes, this multi-purpose jump starter pack from Cobra Electronics is extra safe. That benefit can be attributed to the advanced internal protection circuitry feature, which offers added protection against short circuits, reverse polarity, reverse charges, and overcharges, which are some of the major causes of a battery explosion or an inferno.
  • Super Long-Lasting Charge: Besides being extra safe, the Cobra jump starter pack holds the charge longer compared to other starter packs in its class when adequately charged. That can be a critical advantage when you intend to be away from a power source for many days, yet your battery is not entirely reliable. With this product, you will not be stranded with a drained battery simply because you did not close your doors properly before checking into the motel for the night.
  • Security and Emergency: Apart from retaining power longer, the jump starter pack from Cobra can be considered important security and emergency device. As said before, this unit comes with an in-built ultra-bright LED flashlight with SOS and strobe functions, which you can take advantage of during a time of emergency. As far as illumination goes, you can use the ultra-bright light generated by the built-in LED flashlight at night to light up your path and spot who or what’s hiding in the thicket that could harm you and take necessary action.
  • AC and DC Charging Methods: Another thing you will love about this product is the fact that it’s versatile when it comes to charging it. For instance, the unit is both AC and DC chargeable. That means you can charge it at home by plugging into your wall outlet through the AC adapter or in your car through the car adapter, which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter.
  • Portable: Last but not least, this product is portable enough to carry with you anywhere you go. The unit is so small that it can fit in your pocket minus its accessories. But when all its accessories are taken into account, you will only need a small backpack to carry this lightweight jump starter kit that serves many other purposes.


An unbiased review covers the positive and negative aspects of something. Therefore, I’ll not shy away from pointing out one or two downsides of this product in my honest Cobra jump pack review. With that plus other information this review contains, you should be able to make an informed decision. That said, here are some downsides of this product:

  • Not So Reliable in Colder Regions: There have been numerous complaints raised by buyers suggesting that this product doesn’t work great in colder places. It may have a hard time jump-starting an engine that’s frozen. Thought it charges batteries and portable gadgets normally. The built-in LED flashlight also works as usual.
  • Occasional Reports of Defective Products: I came across some complaints raised by customers on Amazon who claimed to have received faulty jump packs from the company. I am not sure whether it’s a fault on the part of the manufacturer or merchants. So, be careful with the merchant you are buying from. It helps to read their reviews before ordering.

3. What Sets Cobra Jump Pack Apart?

First, this fantastic jump starter power pack jump-starts up to three vehicles. It allows you to jump-start your car up to three consecutive times before needing a recharge. That’s unlike the case of most alternative jump starter packs, which will require a recharge first before being helpful again following a single jump-starting application. Second, Cobra Jump Starter power pack stores power for a longer duration compared to its rivals, keeping you covered against battery emergencies a little longer. Third, it is built to serve many different purposes, including jump-starting engines, charging portable gadgets, and providing light in the darkness. That’s unlike many jump start packs out there, which only serve the primary purpose of a jump start pack.

4. Recharge Time Of Cobra Jump Starter Power Pack

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It takes about 4 hours to recharge this jump starter, and it is easy to know the amount of charge left in the jump-start by just pushing the button. When 2 bars are left, it means that the load is about 40% – 60% left. It is also good to know that the Cobra Jump Starter power pack isn’t that cheap, even though it is manufactured in China. It is high quality and can’t get damaged even if it is dropped. The battery charger is also good, and the battery works on both diesel and gas engines with up to 8 cylinders.

How long does it take to charge my jump starter?

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When empty, it will be full until 4 hours are over with a 10 V charger. It can also be charged using 12 V in the car. The cobra power pack is smaller when compared to other chargers. It feels comfortable to carry around a smaller and lighter pack than a big jump starter. It is a versatile jump start that lets you stay inside and use 12 V cigarette lighter that is directly linked to your battery. It is also a multi-functional that conveniently offers portable power that can simultaneously charge 2 of your devices, such as laptops and smartphones.

You can recharge your tablet camera, Laptop or phone, other accessories with Cobra’s USB ports. It is easy and safe to use a Cobra Jump Pack power pack, and it is the ideal companion for all drivers as they are on transit.

The led indicator is easy to see on your cobra pack. It is power reliable and has a safety feature that is necessary in case of an emergency. Cobra pack can do better than its competitors. It is a compact and powerful jump starter.

Robust and compact, the high capacity rechargeable with a 12000mAh that ideally in the box. It is also a reliable jump starter that used various vehicles multiple times with just one charge. It has a trusted performance and is waterproof and gets the job well done. It is built to work in any weather.

It feels good when you are using it as you feel safer wherever you are traveling. It doesn’t take lots of space, nor is it so heavy. Cobra Jump starter power pack can be used to charge the phone or laptop when you are away from home like when you are camping; thus, you are less stressed while you are out and remain connected to the world and your business.

It can run factory batteries and don’t need to be upgraded or dual battery, thus a great benefit when you carry. It can jump-start the track without adding any weight or adding another battery. It is a good pack that is offered at a reasonable price; you only need this as it gives you services.

5. What Buyers Are Saying about Cobra Jump Pack

  • An Amazon buyer with a username “K. Fekete” said that this product works as advertised. You can check out their full feedback by going to the following link (
  • Another Amazon buyer without a username had this to say, “This has been the best investment I’ve made for my car….” Visit the following link to read their entire feedback (
  • Don, on the other hand, admitted that this is a very excellent charger. You can go to the following link to check out their complete feedback on this product on Amazon (

6. Cobra Jump Starter Power Pack Other Models

a). Cobra Jumpack CPP 9000 3 in 1

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It has the flexibility, suitability, and reliability you want in the small packages you need. Trusted presentation of instant power makes sure you never get stuck with drained energy again. The cobra jump pack 9000 jump starts your vehicle and lets you back on the road numerous times with a solitary charge. Nothing nears the cobra jump pack; multi-purposeful, this jump start conveniently provides USB fast charge with 2.4 amp ports and a huge portable power; safe and simple to use protection from reverse polarity, overcharges, reverse charges and short circuits.

b). Cobra JumPack Mini - CPP8500 3-In-1

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The flawless buddy for the multi-purpose journey, precaution measures, and outdoor use, It has the reliability, versatility, and convenience you want and needs. Cobra jump pack mini is an innovative multi-functional portable charger that properly provides massive transportable power and can speedily charge your gadgets with cobras 5/9 volt quick charge USB port and QI compatible wireless charging capabilities for your electronic accessories. It is easy to use complete protection circuitry from overcharging and reverse polarity, so you don’t have to worry if you are using it correctly. The Cobra Jumpack Mini is powerful one of a kind super compact jump starter power pack 6000 mAh battery with 360 Amp peak fits in the glove box and is tough enough to jump start most automotive engines. Ultra-compact Jump pack mini fits in your glove box and includes a carrying bag and cables. The other benefit is that you can jump-start from either outside or inside using the cables. It is good during season weather. It is a small portable charger jump starter, and it contains all the tools necessary to jump-start your battery for the car.

c). Cobra Jump Pack XL h2o - Cobra Marine Jumpack H2o

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The multi-useful Jump Pack advantageously gives extraordinary convenient power and can rapidly charge two gadgets simultaneously. Cobra Jump Pack XL H2O carries a compact and amazing high limit 12000mAh battery power, batter with 600A Peak, which fits superbly in your glove compartment. Cobra’s Jump pack dual 3A USB port recharges your five essential devices: Camera tablet, phones, PC, or different accessories at a go. This portable sophisticated UL 2743 certified power pack contains an authoritative 44.4W, which translates to a 12000mAh battery with double USB 3 Amperes outputs each rapidly charges 5-volt portable gadgets concurrently making it the ideal emergency battery pack for outdoor and home activities.

The Jump pack is simple and safe to utilize, and it the ideal ally any regular driver will find useful. Simple to see three colors LED indicators when you Jump pack is operational. Cobra Jump packs outflank the challenge with its solid power, and security highlights fundamental in the event of a crisis.

Cobras confided in waterproof development and car performance, which is field tested; it will take care of business. Climate conditions are not a factor of significant thought since the Cobra Jump Pack XL 1500 is assembled tough to outwork any climate-related seatbacks.

The Cobra Jump Pack XL H2O Jump Pack features dual methods to jumpstart a vehicle, one using the old school jumper wires and alternate option that allows the vehicle to be started through the 12-volt port inside my saloon car for a simple start. It comes with a more luxury-oriented thought behind it.
It also composes of heavy-duty jumper wires and of different charging methods; a 120 V AC wall charger to recharge it at home and a 12 V DC charger to recharges your Cobra Marine Jumpack H2O on the road. It is designed to jump-start large V8 Diesel and gasoline-powered machines, the new Jump Pack H2O is compliant with the UL 2743 safety standard and will keep you going in all weather conditions.

The Jump Pack XL 1500 is an extraordinarily improved rendition of the Cobra jump pack 7500mAh. It is intended to secure you, your vehicle, and convey a kick off to your vehicle. MFG (Cobra) claim you can short the jumper links together, edge up the vehicle battery in a rearward or other administrator blunders, yet the Jump Pack XL will shield itself from any harm. With this jump pack, you can not go wrong when you have it as it is convenient and easy to use.

7. How To Keep It Working Always

When you press the Cobra jump pack power button, look closely to make sure it is not stuck-in, which may cause a drain in the battery. The buttons require constant checking so as to keep the Cobra Jump pack’s charge state at its optimum always. It has all the features of a good jump pack, and it can be used by several others, including if your friends are smokers, then they can easily go away with it. It serves its purpose, and in addition, it gives you extra services; that is why many love it because of how versatile it is you can never go wrong with this.

Final Verdict on Cobra Jump Pack

The Cobra Electronics jump starter power pack is an incredible product that can serve almost everyone. Even if you don’t own a car, motorcycle, or any object with an engine that may need jump-starting from time to time, you will find it useful. After all, it charges portable devices and provides illumination, too, just like a top-of-the-range flashlight. While the jump pack offers many incredible benefits, that’s not to say that it’s 100% perfect with zero downsides. After all, there are a few complaints here and there about the product. Notwithstanding those downsides, the Cobra jump starter power pack is reliable and works great. I recommend it to buyers who are shopping for a jump pack that is reliable and reasonably priced.