Aickar Jump Starter Review

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to you, but there is always the possibility. Your car battery is dead, and you are stranded without any assistance insight.

Not only is this frustrating, but it can also be scary. No one wants to be stranded on a dark road or parking lot.

Often your only options are calling for a service or tow truck. This can be expensive, and you never know how long it will take for help to get there. Your other choice, leaving your vehicle and finding someone with jumper cables that is willing to help. Jump starters are the best solution in such situations.

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What if you could charge your car battery by yourself? Imagine the peace of mind you’d have knowing that you’ll never be stranded because your battery died. This is one of the advantages of having an Aickar jump starter stowed away in your car safely. In this article, we will go through the commplete Aickar jump starter review.

1. What is a Car Battery Jump Starter?

If you look through the trunk of almost any car, chances are you’ll find a set of jumper cables. How to use them is relatively simple, the connectors at the ends of the wires are attached to the battery posts of two vehicles — one running to charge the other car’s dead battery.

This method works typically okay if you can find someone willing to take the time to “give you a jump.”

There are downsides, other than finding another driver to using jumper cables. This is mainly in vehicles manufactured after 2000 when the number of computers installed in vehicles dramatically increased. Jumper cables can create a voltage surge that can fry the car’s internal computers. Now, you not only have a dead battery but your car’s computers are damaged as well.

A jump starter for car batteries helps to eliminate the downside of using jumper cables. It is portable and easy for anyone to use. You also decrease the risk of “voltage overload.” You can find jump starters in a variety of sizes — anything from car battery size too small enough to fit in your glove box.

Just like jumper cables, a portable car jump starter like Moock or Aickar Jump starter is simple to use. Just attach the cables to your battery, and the little unit will create the power needed to get your engine to turn over. Aickar Jump starter is now available in the market with the name of Moock Jump starter.

2. Aickar or Moock Jump Starrter Features and Specifications

As discussed above, Now you can call the Aickar jump starter as Moock Jump starter. One of the first things you’ll notice about the Aickar Jump Starter is its size. It’s compact and slim. You can easily keep it in your glove box until it is needed. It might be small, but this Aickar 800A peak 18000mah car jump starter system is capable of producing extreme power when you need it the most.

When you open the box, you might be surprised. There isn’t a lot that comes to the jump starter. It contains two jumper cables that meet regulation standards, the battery pack and charging outlets. Not only can you use it for charging car batteries but other smaller electronics as well.

Setting the jump starter up for use is simple. So easy that some people do not believe that it is capable of “jumping a car battery” until they see it work. On purchase the box of the Aickar jump starter comes with:

  • The jump starter is 1.45 lbs in weight, 5 inches width, 10 inches height, and 3 inches length.
  • Smart cable / Clamp set
  • AC Adapter
  • MicroUSB plus Lighting cable
  • User manual
  • Travel bag
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3. Pros & Cons of Aickar Jump Starter


  • Reliability and power are the two most important aspects of a jump starter. Being able to charge your electronic devices is great, but it’s your car battery that you want to be concerned about. If this compact device is not able to do this, then all you have is another charger for your phone, tablet, etc.

  • This isn’t a problem with Aickar jump starter. It has capabilities that have impressed even the biggest skeptics. It can charge batteries in both gas and diesel engines up to 4.5L. This is the standard size for most compact cars and sedans. Its peak current is 800Amp, and it can charge up to 30 times.

  • The heavy-duty clamps are secure. They are also reliable. You almost know for sure that they will work every time. There is even an “onboard tech” that can walk you through the simple set up process. This is just one more way the manufacturers are working to provide safety, performance, and reliability with their product.

  • One of the best benefits of an Aickar jump starter is how the system works. It uses reverse polarity, along with protection from overcharge, over-voltage, and primary overload. It is important for newer model vehicles that generally have several computer systems monitoring different functions. If one of these systems is shorted out, the rest can be affected, resulting in potentially expensive repair bills.

  • Aickar does have other jump starters that are capable of a stronger peak output than 800A. Others named as Moock jump starters have the output of 1000A and 1500A. All function the same and come with the same benefits.


These are valid issues for some consumers. However, the overall opinion is that the jump starter is worth these minor inconveniences.

  • There will always be consumers not ready to give up their traditional jumper cables even with the hassles that can come with them. They worry that the small battery pack won’t be able to provide the power they need to get their car engine running again. They also question the jump starters’ reliability, though reported issues are few. Often due to “user error.”
  • Another concern is the storage case. It is lightweight, and this can make it susceptible to cracks. If the case breaks, you are left with a tangle of jumper cables in your glovebox or trunk. This is the last thing you want to deal with when you have a dead car battery.
  • The size of the case is another concern. It was designed small for easy portability. However, this can also make it challenging to fit the battery pack and cables back in. It does have to be appropriately repacked. You cannot just shove everything back in. Some people would rather spend their time doing something else other than putting everything back into a small case.

4. Is the Aickar jump starter multi-function jump starter as fast as the entitlements it's accorded?

Aickar jump starter is an appealing gadget for a vehicle battery functional purpose. There exist so many tempting claims attributed to it, with some of the ideas being its capability to deliver double the charging speeds on electric devices and accessories. This energy structure affords a dependable charging solution to those with 4 to 6-cylinder vehicles, recharge on your accessories during road and outdoor activities.

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Corresponding to the up-to-the-minute day vehicle battery jump starters and charging tools, the smaller they are, the better. But the biggest problem with this gadget seems to be highlighted with the battery life. There exist an 18000 mAh battery that performs differently for diverse users; Some with the praise for the Aickar jump starter ability to jump multiple vehicles through a single charge; Some approximate that one jump-start outlays the battery a whooping 50 % charge. Some people’s main shortcoming highlight of the is in the charging time. While others Aickar jump starter see unreliable readings on display.

The 18000 mAh battery provides longer charging cycles and life, with the nifty jump start wire protecting against reverse polarity, low current, high temperatures, short circuit, and inverse charging. The Aickar jump starter includes built-in LED Flashlight, including SOS and emergency strobe, and USB charging cable, along with a 5V/1A and 5V/2A USB ports, which provide a fast charge for all USB Gadgets, which include smartphones, tablets, etc. Moock Jump-starter features two output ports having 19V/3.5A Laptop charging port, 12V/10A laptop charging port, exclusive jumper cable connector as well.

5. Aickar Company - The brains behind the technology

Aickar jump starter is made by the best electric corporation, The Aickar Company, the overall chief in batter-charger innovation. They presented another line of lessened and remarkable Lithium Ion Fuel Packs Jump Starter under the Red Fuel Powered by them. It is one jump starter you can not miss in your car as it is beneficial when you are in the middle of nowhere, and nobody can help. Also, it is just right to own such a tool, especially if you are one person who drives a lot.

6. Aickar or Moock Jump Starter Options

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Some vehicle batteries require more than 800A for a jump start. Aickar has other models that will provide more power upto 1500A. Once again, it is advisable to check the specifications of your vehicle’s engine before purchasing a jump starter. Otherwise, you can run into the same problems that are often caused by standard jumper cables. Mainly, your car’s computer system being shorted out.
  • The most commonly purchased jump starter by Aickar is the 800A. It is ideal for sedans and compact cars.
  • Larger vehicles such as SUVs and even some high-end sports cars might need power from the Moock 1000A.
  • There is even a Moock jump starter of 1500A. Heavy-duty work trucks can get a jump start from this powerful model.
All of the same benefits and issues are the same with each of these Aickar models. Even the setup remains the same, and you also get outlets for charging personal devices.

7. Thinking About Purchasing an Aickar Car Jump Starter?

Finding a jump starter isn’t hard as You can also compare prices easily online. Almost all auto part stores sell them along with a few big box stores. If the store has an automotive section, chances are they will also carry at least one type of jump starter.

Another option is browsing online. This is also a great way to not only compare deals but also read what other consumers think of the Aickar car jump starter and how it performed for them.

You can also talk to your mechanic. If not else, you’ll know exactly how much voltage you’ll need to give your battery the power it needs to start your car.

8. An Aickar Car Jump Starter Might Be What You Need

There might be a few issues with Aickar car jump starters. The same applies to all the different voltage battery packs they manufacture.

They are making a few changes to the storage case. Mainly, size and durability can fix a lot of the issues consumers mention. Overall, these are minor problems that are far outweighed by the jump starters’ performance and reliability.

Imagine not having to worry about what you would do if your car battery fails? You can fix your jump starter right awayby knowing how to fix a jump starter? You won’t have to call for help or track down someone willing to help. Sadly, finding someone to help in this day and age of constant suspicion is not as easy as you would think. You are more likely to get turned away, even when you are standing in front of your car with the hood up.

Final Verdict on Aickar or Moock Jump Starter

In summary, the Jump starter by Aickar can be a great option. This is especially true for those that own a newer model car that could have components damaged by standard jumper cables. Its ability to “jump a battery” has even prompted safety conscience parents to purchase one for their teen and young adult driving children.

Aickar jump starter has high reviews from drivers who have used it, and they have recommended it as one of the best and that which is durable and worth your money. Besides, it can be found worldwide and online in all the big stores that sell jump starters. There could be a lot of jump starters within your disposal, but do your research and get that one that is strong and can work immediately in your car. The wonderful thing with Moock jump starter is that it can serve any other vehicle regardless of its engine size. When you own several vehicles you can use this one jump starter to start the engine you will be surprised it works on all so long us in fully charged.

Best of all is the price. It is incredibly affordable, especially when you factor in the benefits. This applies to all the Aickar models regardless of their voltage capabilities.