Type S jump starter review

At times engine problems can occur even with new cars. This problem might be due to insufficient power on your battery. Fixing such emergencies is very easy when using a Type S jump starter.

Type S jump starter is a 12V emergency car jump starter that is small in size and can be charged. Furthermore, it features a portable LED light, which is of great benefit during emergencies. Since emergencies are unplanned, having a Type S starter in your car is a great idea.

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Often, this jump starter features a safe and smart jumper cable and an 8,000 mAh high capacity power bank. Additionally, the type S jump starter has a lightweight design making it ideal for emergencies since it is portable. In this article, we shall go through the type S jump starter review.

How to use type S jump starter

Before using your Type S jump starter, you should always ensure that it is charged. Wearing protective glasses and clothing is essential before jump-starting a car. Furthermore, you should ensure that your vehicle is off and the keys are out of the ignition.

You should maintain the distance between the battery and the charger. Check on the battery charger’s voltage and ensure that it corresponds with that of the type S jump starter. Before connecting the cables, it is vital to identify negative and positive clips. Often red means positive while black is for negative.

Ensure your type S jump starter is off before connecting the clips to the car battery. Once you connect the type S jump starter to your car battery turn on the jump starter. Turn on your car once this is done and don’t crank your car’s engine for more than 5 seconds. You might require a new battery if the vehicle fails to turn on after trying for 4 to 5 attempts.

However, once your engine starts, make sure to turn off your Type S Lithium jump starter and remove the black clip followed by the red one.

Features to consider before purchasing a type S jump starter

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There are various vital factors you will need to consider before buying a Type S jump starter such as:

  • Durability : A suitable type S jump starter is the one that operates over a long period. When purchasing, it always assesses its durability. Additionally, impact resistance is often essential when it comes to jump-starting your car.
  • Reviews : Before purchasing any product, going through customers review will provide you with more information on the product. You will get to understand all the pros and cons the product has to offer. Therefore, when purchasing a specific type S jump starter, checking on the customer reviews will help you understand more about it.
  • Warranty : It is advisable to check on the warranty offered by your product since it differs depending on the type S jump starter you will be purchasing. Always go for the one that best suits your needs. Thus, by buying a type S jump starter with a warranty, you can change or return in case it becomes faulty, and this is very important.
  • Safety : Assessing the safety features of the type S jump starter you would like to buy will guarantee you peace of mind. Having a jump starter that turns itself off or sounds an alarm when you incorrectly connect the cables is very vital when it comes to protecting your car. Therefore, you should consider checking on reverse polarity before purchasing a jump starter.
  • Features : When purchasing a type S jump starter, you would like to assess for its additional features. There are various amazing features associated with this starter, and which might be of great advantage during emergencies. Some of the features include charge indicator, LED lighting, as well as USB ports, which offer you incredible value. Moreover, some type S jump starter features air compressors, which help you to in inflating flat tires.
  • Power output : Type S jump starter features various power outputs; therefore, it is advisable to check on the power output of a jump starter before purchasing it. Often power output is determined by current delivery or peak amperage produced by the jump starter and the amount of power that a type S jump starter discharges are the peak amperage. Thus, having a jump starter with high peak amps is essential in providing power to ignite your car’s engine.
  • Easy to operate : Having an easy to manage the jump starter is crucial. Therefore, before purchasing a type S jump starter, consider checking whether it is easy to operate and reliable.
  • Length of the cable : Cable length often depends on your preference; however, having a lengthy cable is essential in reaching your car’s battery terminals. The most recommended length is 12 feet.
  • Cranking : The cranking amp rating of a type S jump starter is vital. Often the amount of power generated within 30 seconds determines the cranking amp rating, and having it with a cold cranking amp rating is essential for use in places with low temperatures.
  • Size : Often the size of a jump starter is necessary; however, most of the type S jump starter features a small size design. Despite being small in size, it features various sizes and weights, so you need always to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Price : The amount of money you would like to spend in purchasing a type S jump starter will determine the type of jump starter you will acquire. Often size, weight, and quality affect its price. However, sticking to your budget is always essential; therefore, you should always come up with an informed decision when purchasing a jump starter.
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Pros & Cons of Type S jump starter


There are various reasons as to why Type S lithium jump starter is beneficial. Here are some of the critical factors that make it an excellent investment:

  • Safe : Unlike other jump starters, the type S jump starter features state of the art microprocessors. These are safety features that help provide you peace of mind while using it. Furthermore, it features built-in safety features such as reverse polarity alarms in case you hook up your cables wrongly.
  • Multiple applications : Apart from jump-starting a car, this jump starter can be used in charging your electronic devices.
  • Powerful power bank : Despite being small in size, this jump starter features a powerful power bank that delivers a lot of amps. Before recharging it, you can use it multiple times.
  • Compact : One of the best features of the type S jump starter is its small size. Therefore, it does not occupy plenty of space in your car, and it is small as well as the lightweight design makes it perfect for use in emergencies, unlike lead-acid jump starter.
  • Easy to operate : Unlike in the past, where you would require another car to help in jump-starting your vehicle, the type S jump starter does not need that as it can be operated easily. Thus, with this self-reliant jump starter, you are more independent during emergencies. Furthermore, you do not have to pay a tow truck to come and help you jump start your car if you own one.


Type S jump starter features some disadvantages such as:

  • Overheating : This jump starter tends to overheat when using it for an extended period.
  • Expensive at high Capacity : Type S jump starters with high capacities tend to be expensive. Whereas, small capacity jump starters are not essential for diesel engines and sport utility vehicles.

Type S Lithium-ion jump starter vs. lead-acid jump starter

There are two main categorize of Type S jump starter, which are the lithium-ion and the Lead-acid jump starters. Both lead acid or lithium ion jump starter designs are portable; however, best lithium-ion jump starter features a much lightweight design to that of Lead acid jump starter.

Despite being expensive, the lithium-ion jump starter features an incredible power, and it is easily stored in a car. Whereas, the Lead Acid jump starter is slightly heavier; however, it offers more functionality when compared to lithium-ion jump starter.

Some of the amazing functionality offered by the Lead-acid jump starter includes an air compressor, which is perfect for inflating a flat tire. Furthermore, lead-acid designs are more durable, which makes them ideal for garage use, unlike their counterparts’ lithium ions

Final Verdict on Type S jump starter

Having gone through the article, you now understand that a car battery cannot be depended on fully, especially in places with cold weather where igniting your car engine is a problem every morning. In such a situation, you will require a Type S Lithium Jump Starter to help in starting your car.

However, there are various types of Type S jump starter in the market, and choosing the best can be tricky. In this article, we have summarized all the essential factors you need to consider before purchasing a Type S jump starter. Additionally, since there are various factors you need to consider before purchasing one, you need always to consider having the one that best suits your needs. Therefore, before buying a jump starter, knowing the peak and cranking amps is essential.