Cooper Evolution Tour Tire Review 2023: Unveiling Top-Notch Performance and Durability for Your Drive

Cooper has already introduced its new evolution tire line. It includes the evolution released previously, the upcoming evolution of winter tires, and the evolution tour. Tires offer consumers various performance, durability, and handling synonymous bearing mid-tier price copper in Cooper’s portfolio. You will learn more about Cooper Evolution Tour Tire Reviews in this article.

Cooper Evolution Tour All-Season 225/60R16 98T Tire

Cooper’s new evolution items complement the discovery line, which is famous for providing consumers with expanded choices present in the Cooper brand. Evolution, therefore, involves the process of development or change. Cooper has launched the tire line evolution as a part of the demystifying the tire selection process.

There is streamlining of tires to make buying tires less complicated for all consumers. With the current addition, consumers have their choice of the Cooper product that is right for the basement features, including technology and mileage warranty.

1. Cooper Evolution Tour Tire Manufacturer

Cooper Evolution Tire is among the significant tire brands that emerged from Akron, Ohio, in the 1900s. It has succeeded in setting itself apart with around 100 manufacturing years with durable yet affordable tires. The price per tire and other performance options Cooper sets make it unique from all other best tire brands.

2. Wide range of tires

Cooper manufactures and designs tires for passenger vehicles, including motorcycles, pickups, SUVs, Crossovers, Sedans, and Coupes. They offer a comprehensive product lineup covering cars and various driving needs. The needs include ultra-high performance, terrain models, and all-season tires. Whichever tire you need, either the winter tire with a 17-inch rim or the summer tire with a 15-inch rim, you will end up finding it here. Cooper Evolution is focused on offering a wide range of more significant performance options at various sizes. As a result, it will be challenging to get a model that will suit your needs in the best way.

3. Price

With the aim of comparing the prices of the different tires, there has been an average of prices for the most common tire sizes of trucks, SUVs, and Sedans. With the use of Cooper Evolution tires, there were average prices, which turned out to be the lowest in every category. Therefore, they are the most trustworthy and affordable tire brands present in the market. Below is the checkpoint for the current Cooper Evolution tour tire price for trucks and SUVs.


The current Cooper sedan tire price is $73 for every tire. It is very cheap compared to other tires, which cost around $170. The SUV tire is going for $120 for every tire. It is a meager price compared to the average tire price in the market, which is $167. However, Hankook is a tire brand priced competitively with other SUV tires. However, it is also quite expensive, costing $139 for every tire. While considering the replacement cost of the four tires, you will add up the price very quickly. You can check Hankook tire’s current price here below.


The truck size of general nature has been prized at an average of $179 per tire. It is only General Tire, which has been said to have a lower average price for a similar-sized tire. Cooper Evolution provides 15 different performance options, with some tires going for a meager cost of $111 per tire. In contrast, General Tire contains two performance options, and the lowest price is $157 for every tire.

4. Design Features of Cooper Evolution Tour Tires

As a result of the various tire features and technologies Cooper is implementing in their models, many of the tires provide excellent year-round traction, proper ride comfort, and exceptional stability. The present inconsistency in tread life is some tries with various tread life without looking at the road you are taking. Other people require regular and frequent rotations and high general maintenance. The most popular Cooper Evolution tires essential design features include the following:

a). Stable Handling

The company is doing extensive research on the stability and safety of tires, intending to provide grip and exceptional handling on imaginable terrain. Besides, they also utilize tire technology called Adaptive Traction, which helps enhance the overall traction. Also, it helps improve traction present on rugged terrains. Many models also contain a 5-rib tread pattern, which allows for enhanced handling stability while at the same time cornering in high speeds, especially in wet and dry tractions.

b). Durability

All the various tires are backed using premium or standard limited warranty. Many of the products come with a 45-day road test warranty that greatly assists consumers in deciding on whether that is the best tire for them. The Cooper tires are sturdy and durable and last long, similar to how you are marketed, as long as you ensure they are always significantly maintained.

c). Comfort

All the different Cooper tires provide a ride comfort of a stable nature regardless of the weather or road conditions. This is because of varying tire technologies such as new tread compounds, 3D Micro-Gauge, and Sledge tech. However, it is generally very comfortable and quiet, showing precisely how soft and smooth your ride will be. It will all depend on the kind of tire model you decide to select.

5. Emphasizing on Durability and Safety

When using Cooper Evolution tour tires, you will always count on safety. The main reason behind this is that their different models are designed to enable the driver to maintain firm stability and grip on all various, regardless of the weather or the road. The internal solid structure and the shoulder notches are some design elements. They help improve the vehicle’s overall stability, resisting hydroplaning, and well handling.

Regarding the high security, there is also a guarantee that the tires will serve you for a long time. Many tires contain excellent tire stability, as tread tear durability is also guaranteed. Many of the various models carry excellent tread life warranties. To extend the tread life warranties, a great tire, and regular rotating maintenance are absolute and always have to be done.

6. Tread-life Warranty

Most of the Cooper tires do not contain tread-life warranties that Cooper has covered. However, the guarantees have been stipulated by retail partners such as Tire Kingdom, Big O, and others. This makes it hard for one to compare with different brands since the retailer contains various stipulations. Currently, Cooper holds 21 different performance series, which have been covered using a tread-life warranty.

The mileage is an average of 56,500 tread-life miles. Besides, the best guarantee is the CS5 Grand Touring, which contains 80,000 miles of mileage. This is a cost that is below average for a warranty with a high mileage. There are many tires with warranties ranging from 90,000 to 10,000 miles. While considering the affordability of the tires, you get to realize that the average tread life is something that provides an excellent

7. Performance Options

Besides offering tires at competitive prices, Cooper also provides excellent performance in all tire sizes. Using the tire tool finder on the website, you can search for the various tire options that fit the typical passenger tire, providing 17, 16, and 15-inch rims. Cooper Evlution tour tires have many options in every rim size. It is only Goodyear that happened to have different choices for the passenger tires that fit SUVs and sedans.

Cooper, therefore, happened to contain average tire sizes for the sizes of the standard trucks carrying 12 different options. Using vehicles, you will search for six various tire fitting rims for around 16 and 18 inches. Cooper Tires is among the few tire brands with competitive options. Each of them contained double-digit options for the various truck sizes. For instance, they both had 14 options for a 17-inch rim with a 245/70R17 truck tire. While comparing, other various brands were average below the other four options for each truck tire.

8. Are Cooper evolution tour tires good? - Value

The other reason is Cooper provides among the best values in its 45-day road test period for all its tires. Many tire brands offer 30 days, and a few do not have road test periods. The road test period is critical as it helps test the tire’s performance and feel. If you are unhappy with the tires you are using, you may get a full refund. So you can say that Cooper Evolution tour tires are good. However, remember that the refund process will only occur when you buy the tires from an authorized dealer.

Final Verdict on Cooper Evolution Tour Tires

Although Cooper may not contain the most consistent tread-life warranties, the brand offers many performance options. The performance option occurs per every tire size than many tire brands, and the average prices are low among the trusted tire brands. While considering the different competitive prices, average tread-life mileage, and several performance options expectations, you will find out that the value is clear.