Cen-Tech Battery Charger Review – A Comprehensive Analysis and Buyer’s Guide.

Battery chargers play a crucial role in our daily lives, providing solutions to a range of problems. When it comes to finding a reliable car battery charger, the Cen-Tech battery charger stands out. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the features, performance, and customer feedback of the Cen-Tech battery charger, allowing you to make an informed decision.

In the market, you’ll find numerous battery charger options, but not all are created equal in terms of quality, reliability, and the ability to extend your battery’s lifespan. This is why prices can vary significantly, with higher-priced products often offering greater value. So, step out of your comfort zone and take a closer look at the Cen-Tech battery charger. Let’s delve into its features and benefits.

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1. Cen-tech Automatic Battery Float Charger

The Cen-tech Automatic Battery Float Charger is a complete charging solution for your car battery. Apart from a car battery, this incredible charger can also be used to charge batteries belonging to other objects you may possess, such as a recreational vehicle, generator, and so on.

Nonetheless, many users laud this manual battery charger for being quite reliable. For instance, it recharges a battery properly by making sure the battery receives a regulated amount of power. Apart from that, it protects your battery from overcharging, thanks to a unique reconditioning feature that detects the battery’s state of charge and shut off the charging process, preventing your assault from getting overcharged. All these benefits protect your battery from a potential explosion, degradation, extending its service life.

2. Cen-Tech Battery Charger Features and Specifications

The Cen-tech manual battery charger boasts a load of unique features that make it the kind of charger it is. The following section highlights these features plus some technical specifications of the product you may find helpful to know.

  • An analog Design
  • The charger is automatic and 6/12V 2/10 Amps rated.
  • The charger is compatible with 12-volt batteries.
  • Beside 2-10 amp charging rates, the charger offers a new 50 amp engine start for emergency starting. It doesn’t mean a 50 Amp battery charger.
  • The Cen-Tech battery charger comes with 6-1/2 ft. long battery cables.
  • The charger features a special 120v self-resetting circuit breaker.
  • Cent tech battery charger gauge with a maximum limit of 16.
  • The charger is spark-proof.
  • The charger incorporates a special feature known as “Battery Reconditioning.”
  • Cen-Tech battery charger automatically switches to “Trickle” after a battery is fully charged.
  • Warning lamps for when there are reverse polarity and the battery is fully charged.
  • Included in the package is a set of 6-ft long battery leads with copper-plated clamps for superior conductivity.
  • Auto shutoff
  • Thermal protection shutoff
  • Duty cycle — 5 seconds on with 4 minutes rest
  • Some of their packages include leather working gloves, a cleaning brush for the terminals, and seven digital millimeters.
  • Product Warranty: 90-days limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • The charger weight about 11.24 lbs. and has handles for safety while lifting it.
  • Manufacturer—Cen-tech.
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3. Pros & Cons of Cen-Tech Battery Charger


  • Safety: Safety is the number one benefit you will get from the Cen-Tech battery charger. This 12-volt charging unit has a particular set of in-built safety features that prevent potential safety issues, which may arise as a result of using the product. These include auto shutoff, reverse polarity alert, thermal protection shutoff, self-resetting circuit breaker, and spark proofing. All will ensure your battery is not susceptible to explosion and other safety issues. Subsequently, you and anybody else around the unit when it is charging a battery will be safe.
  • Works Great & Suits a Variety of Charging: Besides safety, another notable benefit of this product is that it works great and charges several types of batteries other than car batteries. The Cen-Tech car battery charger makes sure a battery receives a fixed amount of electricity, preventing overcurrent related battery damages during the charging process. Apart from that, it automatically stops charging the battery once the battery is fully charged, further preventing damage and wastage of power. Plus, it charges not only car batteries, but also many other types of batteries, including generator batteries and so on, making it a useful product for many charging applications.
  • Extends the Lifespan of Your Battery: The Cen-Tech battery charger is designed with the service life of your battery in mind. This product does not charge just for the sake of it. It resuscitates the internal components of your battery that are slowly dying, optimizes the components, and prevents charging related damages from killing them further. That extends the service life of your battery to a greater extent.
  • Engine Start: Besides built to extend the service life of your battery, the Cen-Tech heavy duty battery charger is also equipped to help you jumpstart your car when your battery is low. With the incredible engine start feature, you do not have to wait until your battery gets fully charged before you can start your engine. All you have to do is to connect the charger to your engine through your battery and then try to jumpstart the car.
  • Portable and Lightweight Design: Last but not least, the Cen-Tech automatic battery float charger for automobiles is incredibly portable and lightweight, measuring 10 cubic inches and weighing slightly above 11 pounds. That makes it easy to store in your car, secure and comfortable to travel with for battery emergencies that may arise when you are on the move.


  • A Fairly Short Warranty: The first drawback of the Cen-Tech battery charger is the type of warranty that comes with it. This product comes with a 90-day limited warranty. While the manufacturer vouches for the product, maintaining that it is free from defects in materials and quality, the fact is that a 3-month warranty is too short to sufficiently cover potential errors that may arise from a substandard. In our view, this warranty is limited, meaning it does not cover every possible defect. In our opinion, the product can do better with a more extended warranty like 12 months or so. But do not worry about that, this is one of the best quality battery chargers on the market that is not going to break as soon as you may think.
  • Must Be Charged In Advance:Another disadvantage of this battery charger, just like others, is the fact that it must be charged in advance if one is to benefit from it during a time of an emergency. If you have not charged the charger since the last time you used it and the unit is sitting somewhere in your trunk, collecting dust, it might now be of help with your drained or dead battery.In other words, it may only be convenient if charged in advance and appropriately stored before use. So, for the lazy and careless folks, this product requires some effort to impress.
  • Fairly Costlier: Last but not least, the Cen-tech charger for car batteries and other types of batteries seems to be a little bit on the high end in terms of price. That is according to what many buyers have had to say regarding this portable unit. However, as mentioned earlier, the higher the price, the higher the value of a product.

4. What Sets the Cen-Tech Battery Charger Apart?

With many alternative products that seem to cost less than the Cen-Tech manual battery charger, one may wonder what’s the point of going with the product when there are plenty of cheaper options out there. Well, this portable charging unit for your battery sets itself apart with several benefits and features you will not quickly get from other batteries. First, the Cen-Tech battery charger will optimize your battery and prolong its service life, allowing you to save a lot of money you may otherwise need to spend on a replacement battery.

Second, it will charge your battery correctly without damaging it even if you fail to pay attention to the charging process. Other chargers will damage your battery if not monitored, primarily through overcharging. Last but not least, this charging unit is safer than the rest as it is equipped with almost four dedicated safety features, including auto shut off, self-resetting circuit breaker, and more.

5. Where to Buy the Cen-Tech Battery Float Trickle Charger

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Many local stores offer the Cen-Tech battery charger plus other similar products like Cen-Tech Deluxe 12V 750mA Battery Maintainer & Float Trickle Charge. So do several e-commerce websites. That said, whether to buy one locally or online, that’s your call to make, keeping in mind that buying online has a number of benefits, including convenience, lower prices, and cost-saving at once if needed. Amazon is the best place to buy reliable Cen-Tech battery charger products at affordable prices.

6. Cen-Tech Battery Charger Customer Reviews

Most customers have claimed that the Cen-Tech battery charger was the right choice for them whenever they need charging their car battery and any other house applications. The device is quite loud and sounds like something that may break down at any moment. Some products have been returned two weeks after purchase. The device seems to have an issue when being sold by third-party vendors.

The funny fact is that 80 percent of its consumers would still recommend it. The Cen-Tech battery charger works when hooked to a battery. The 12 V power supply can’t be used, plus they should look for a way to introduce a toggle switch that goes through all three settings.

Customers complain that the price is ridiculous for a battery charger engine starter that doesn’t last. There have been cases where the Cen-Tech battery charger refuses to work even on the first day. The good thing is that the device worked flawlessly in some instances and charged up to 3 car batteries. It is still an option to go with, but that depends on you.

Compared to other products in its range, the Cen-Tech battery charger is affordable, while the likes of the Ampeak Smart Battery charger are $13 more, Most of its consumers have purchased the Cen-Tech battery charger using a coupon. However, below are some of the Customer reviews:

  1. An Amazon customer with the username “AWB” left feedback, pointing out that this product is worth the price. You can visit the following link to read his remarks about the charger.
  2. Another Amazon customer using the name “Nick Hanerndez” said that this product was a good purchase for him. Here is a link back to his feedback.
  3. A third Amazon customer with the username “The Wild One” gave this product a 4-star rating out of a possible five. Go to this link to see what he had to say.

Final Verdict on Cen-Tech Manual Car battery charger with Engine Start

Now that you have an idea of the Cen-Tech Battery Charger, its high time you head on down to the store and get yourself one. This will help in case you got a problem with your current battery. In case you are looking for a battery that will last you for long despite its small issues, then this is the perfect battery for you an easy to use affordable and easy to maintain.

Overall, it is safe to say that the Cen-Tech battery charger is a worthwhile product that every buyer should consider. We recommend this charger because it works great, charges many different types of batteries, and extends the service life of a battery. Added safety is another reason we recommend this product that is backed by many legitimate customer reviews. As the experts who know much about good and bad battery chargers, we approve this product.