How to Charge a Jump Starter Pack

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Getting stuck on the road because of a drained car battery can be frustrating. With each minute, there is no roadside assistance or cell service; your life is in danger. That’s why it’s essential to carry a charged jump starter (also called emergency boosters, jump boxes, battery jumpers, or battery boosters) with you. Not only does it help to jump-start a dead battery by instantly delivering massive amounts of power, but it can also be used to charge electronic devices via USB connections, fill up tires (some), and provide emergency lights.

Nevertheless, are you well informed or experienced enough on how to charge your jump starter safely? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to charge a jump starter pack.

Considerations for Charging a Jump Starter Pack

Charging should be done in a dry, safe, well-ventilated area and away from children because their batteries produce explosive gases when charging.

  1. Always wear eye protection when charging your jump starter.
  2. The jump starter should be charged immediately after a single use to prolong battery life. Even when left alone, the battery discharges by itself and should be recharged periodically to maintain maximum battery capacity.
  3. If you stay in a cold environment, never attempt to recharge your battery jump starter pack for diesel if frozen. First, warm the frozen battery to 0°C (32°F) to recharge.
  4. Always ensure all functions of the Jump-Starter are turned off when restoring and never operate DC appliances with the Jump-Starter while it’s being recharged with an AC charger.
  5. Avoid crushing, cutting, pulling, entangling, or exposing charging adapter cords to extreme heat or sharp edges.
  6. Do not attempt charging a jump starter if its charger is damaged.

How to Charge Peak Jump Starter 600 Amp

The Peak Jump Starter 600 Amp is designed to charge using a 110/120-volt outlet AC that’s within it. It doesn’t come with an extension cord, and you have to buy one with a minimum gauge of 27 and rated with a minimum insulation temperature of 90°C (194°F). Before charging, you should check the battery level percentage to ensure it’s not already 100% full by pressing and holding the battery status button at the front of the unit.

When you buy a new Peak jump starter, it is recommended you first charge it to its maximum for an initial charge time of 24 hours. Afterward, it only requires an AC charge time of 8 -12 hours. Here’s the process for 110/120-Volt AC Charging.

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  1. First, remove and disconnect any DC appliance from the 12-volt DC power socket and turn all switches to an OFF position
  2. Get the AC charging plug from the back of your Peak Jump-Starter.
  3. Connect the extension plug to the AC charging plug.
  4. Plug in an approved external AC power cord into a 110/120- volt AC outlet.
  5. You will notice the battery indicator increasing with successful charging once your peak Jump-Starter gets fully charged. The display will read FL.
  6. Now disconnect the AC extension cord from the 110/120-volt AC outlet, and also disconnect it from your Jump-Starter AC charging plug.

How to Charge a Duralast Jump Starter 750 Amp

The Duralast Jump Starter 750 Amp doesn’t come with its AC charging adapter when you buy it. You have to obtain a separate compatible AC adapter that’s CE / FCC / RoHS certified to charge it at home. For safety, this reliable jump starter has Short Circuit output Protection. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Make sure all the Duralast jump starter switches are Turned OFF
  2. Insert the Ac adapter connector into your Duralast charging port.
  3. Plug the end of the adapter into a power source in your home
  4. An LED display on the Duralast battery will indicate if it has successfully started charging. If not yet, turn off the power and check the cable connections.
  5. After the battery has completed charging, turn off the power source and unplug the AC charging adapter.
  6. Next, disconnect the connector of the AC charging adapter from your Duralast jump starter.
  7. Keep the adapter in a safe place.
  8. Wait several minutes (5) before using your jump starter.

How to Charge an Everstart Jump Starter 750 Amp

The Everstart Jump Starter 750 Amp is much safer to charge; it comes with reverse connection protection that prevents short circuits and power surges. It comes in a pre-charged state and only requires a 4-6 hours initial charging. Despite also having overcharge and overload protection, it is recommended you don’t leave it unattended when charging it with its 12V /DC charger. The unit has a digital display that shows the battery charging percentage and any arising error codes when charging. To charge it at home, follow these steps.

  1. Turn OFF all the jump starter switches.
  2. Insert the barrel connector of the supplied AC charging adapter into your Everstart charging port.
  3. Connect the plug end into an AC power source in your home
  4. Once charging has begun, it will show on the LED display that it’s in charging mode.
  5. When charging is done, first disconnect the AC charging adapter from the power source, then disconnect the barrel connector of the AC charging adapter from your jump starter.

Finally, store the adapter in a safe place and wait 5 minutes before using your Everstart jump starter.

Charging using a 12V DC charger.

  1. Insert the barrel connector of the 12V DC charger into your Everstart charging port.
  2. Connect the charger to your car’s 12 volt DC accessory outlet.
  3. If charging is successful, it will indicate at the LED digital display
  4. Charge your Everstart jump starter until the LED power indicator changes from flash to solid

After charging is complete, unplug the charger from your car’s 12 volt DC accessory outlet.

Disconnect the barrel tip of the 12V DC charger from the charging port, store the adapter safely, and wait for 5 minutes before using the jump starter.