Sentury Touring Tire Review 2023: In-Depth Analysis, Ratings, and Performance Insights

Many drivers don’t know that there are several different types of tires. If you live in the North, you probably have at least heard of snow tires. Drivers in other climates with regular weather changes may have learned that all-season tires are the right choice.

These are some of the most common tire types, but there is one more that all drivers might want to think about. These are touring tires, and Sentury is quickly making a name for itself.

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Sentury Touring Tire is a Chinese manufacturer formerly known as the Sentaida Group. They manufacture tires for the automotive and aviation industries. In 2015, they were ranked as the 50th largest tire manufacturer in the world, according to Tire Business.

1. What Vehicles Sentury Touring Tires are Designed For

Touring tires from Sentury are manufactured for a wide range of vehicles. It is too long to list, including any domestic or foreign passenger car, SUVs, minivans, and some sporty models.

If you aren’t sure if your vehicle model is compatible with these touring tires, ask at the dealership. They are the ones that should be the most familiar with your vehicle. A tire store is another option: make sure you are not letting yourself get talked into a set you might not need. Worse yet, it may not be designed for your vehicle.

It might take a bit of research to find out if you want to put a set of Sentury touring tires on your car, but it will be worth it in the end. The last thing you want is the wrong tires when driving on public roads.

2. Features and Specifications Of Sentury Touring Tire

Sometimes referred to as grand touring tires, they combine the best features of some other types. These tires are designed to give the driver and passengers a comfortable ride. A feature that passenger tires are known for. Sentury Touring tires also deliver all-season traction and have the added benefit of improved handling.

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  • Sentury Tire Size: Knowing what sizes these tires come in might help you make a more informed decision. Most vehicle owners know the tire size they need. Sentury tires are available in “14”, “15”, “16”, “18”. They do have more options in the 14” and 15” sizes. There is currently one set that is 16” and 18”.
  • Tire Warranty: Sentury touring tires have a 500 UTQG rating. This means that they should last you between 40 – 50K miles. This is also how long their warranty lasts. While the warranty is valid for 40k miles, many drivers have stated that they did not notice wear and tear on the tires until about 50k miles. This gives you a little extra time to plan a visit to the tire shop to get them replaced with a new set.
  • What sets Sentury Touring Tires apart is simple. It is the 5-rib tread pattern that improves traction on wet and dry roads. The center rib is continuously grooved, so cornering, handling, and braking capabilities are all enhanced.
  • Traction: Anyone who owns a sport, performance, or sedan wants and needs exceptional handling from their tires. They also do not want too much traction, just enough to keep them safely on the road without impacting their speed.
  • Performance: Performance is more critical in touring tires than comfort, but it seems like Sentury might have been able to deliver both.

3. Pros & Cons of Sentury Touring Tires


Touring tires manufactured by Sentury have several advantages over other similar types.

  • Touring and all-season tires: It combines touring and all-season tires while keeping the driver’s comfort in mind. These tires can provide wet and dry traction and are ideal for everything from sedans and minivans to sports cars and coupes.
  • Best of all, these tires are affordable. It is something that every driver with a budget should be interested in. You don’t have to spend a “fortune” to get a set of tires.
  • Sometimes, drivers can find themselves talked into an expensive set of tires that they didn’t need to spend their money on.
  • Sentury touring tires can help improve your safety and that of others on the road, regardless of the weather conditions. Rain and light snow won’t pose as much of a hazard as they would with other tires. Plus, you will have the handling you need to navigate when other drivers struggle safely.
  • The tread design is an optimized computer sequence that helps reduce road noise. It helps to ensure a quiet ride, adding to all riders’ overall comfort.
  • You will also be impressed by the tires’ UTQG rating. But this is a standard rating for tire warranties. It estimates how many miles you can put on the tires before they should be replaced. This also pertains to how long the warranty on your tires is valid.
  • Tire warrant is something that you do want to pay attention to. The last thing you want is to keep returning to the dealership for a quick repair or spend money on a brand-new set. Not only is this not cost-effective, but driving on tires with worn-out treads is also dangerous.
  • You can find these tires in sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches, all with a T or H speed rating. If you aren’t sure what this rating means, it denotes the average speed the tires are equipped to handle any terrain. In other words, Sentury touring tires are ideal on and off the freeways and can still perform with speeds up to 130 mph.


Every product has a few disadvantages, which apply to these touring tires. The main one is a few issues with performance in certain weather conditions.

  • Touring tires might have several aspects of all-season ones, but they are not snow tires. You will notice the difference the minute you try to drive on winter road conditions, other than a light dusting of snow.
  • The main thing that is affected is traction and handling. You will find it challenging to break in icy conditions, and more than a light covering of snow will affect performance, traction, and handling.
  • Another issue with these tires is speed. They are only designed to handle speeds of up to 130 mph. Granted, this is well above most legal speed limits, but some consumers expect more from grand touring tires. This mainly applies to those with high-end performance vehicles capable of and designed to reach high speeds.

These disadvantages are to be expected from most brands of touring tires. Very few are designed to handle extreme weather conditions.

4. Sentury Tires Price

Sentury tires are manufactured by a Chinese company and have grown quickly over the last few years. This is because they are making quality cheap, affordable tires that every driver can be able to buy for his or her vehicle. Their prices are pocket-friendly; hence, they are low-priced, and their quality exceeds customer expectations; thus, they have a competitive advantage. Therefore, it can compete with the older tire brands in the market in which prices are much higher. These tires are intended to be used for commuter vehicles, for instance, sedans, minivans, and SUVs, among others.

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5. Where to Find Sentury Touring Tire

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If you are interested in purchasing these tires, there is currently only one place to get them. They are sold exclusively at Tire Discounters. This is vital information to know. The last thing you want to put on your vehicle is a “knockoff” brand.

Not only will you not get the same performance capabilities, but they could also endanger everyone in your vehicle and on the road.

The price of these tires is also amazingly affordable. Something every budget car owner can appreciate. You do not have to spend much money to get traction, comfort, and performance.

6. Sentury Tire Sub-Brands

They also have a sub-brand that specializes in manufacturing different tire types that can be used in other terrains.

They are

  • Delinte
  • Pantera
  • GroundSpeed
  • Landsail

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These sub-brands specialize in only producing a single tire that any consumer can afford. When tested, both the standard and the specialized tire exhibit high-quality standards, and they are sincere in their words, and whatever they say is right in their advertisements. Thus, it is a good brand for anyone who wants to test their quality and the best alternative to using the more renowned brands as it is pocket-friendly.

Final Verdict on Sentury Touring Tires

You do not have to spend a lot of money on quality tires. There are other options.

Sentury touring tires are entry-level. It means that they are designed for most of your typical driving situations. They are also value-based, which is good news for consumers who want the benefits of touring tires without their often high price.

You can drive around the city in wet or dry conditions without losing traction. This even applies to higher speeds drivers usually travel on the freeways. Get back and forth without an issue and drive to vacation spots. You only need to keep an eye out for heavy snow and icy conditions; these are not snow tires.

You can expect proper handling on dry and wet roads from these budget-friendly touring tires. Along with traction, steering and overall handling are generally responsive and crisp. This translates into the vehicle’s responsiveness, which is crucial if you need to turn or stop suddenly.

These tires won’t “stop on a dime,” but they can help prevent accidents due to your or other drivers’ inability to control their vehicle.

Some aspects can be improved. Primarily traction, braking, and acceleration in the winter. However, for an economical all-season touring tire, it does fine in every weather condition except for ice, deep, and hard-packed snow. Overall, these tires are worth a look at and your money if you decide to purchase them.