How To Remove Oil Filter Without Tool

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Oil filters are important parts of your vehicle. They trap dirt and debris from entering the engine, keeping it clean and running smoothly. Changing them regularly helps prevent damage to the engine.

Sometimes we have to deal with oil filters that are too stable to get out of the engine compartment. Knowing all the basics is always helpful. Its main purpose is to remind the driver that the oil filter cannot be removed without a wrench. These are some basic data that drivers or anyone who bills the vehicle should know. 

Although removing the oil filter is very simple with a tool, there are cases where certain tools are lacking, so this article is intended to answer all your questions. 

To move on to the main topic, this article asks about how to remove an oil filter without tool. You should read the article and know how to properly remove the oil filter without a wrench.

Why do you need to remove the oil filter without tools?

The most important reasons to get this job done without tools are listed below: 

Avoiding Costs

Automotive tools can be expensive. It’s not shameful that you can’t afford a special kit when there are other solutions to try. 

Wrench Damage or Loss

Perhaps you were ready to start working just to notice that the wrench was broken in the storage area? 

Another possibility is that you can’t find it and don’t want to buy a new one just to perform a single task. 

Incompatible wrench

These specialized tools are a long-term investment and will last for years. However, if you decide to buy a new car and have another type of filter that causes the wrench to stop working, there may be extra tools. 

There are many different types of oil filter wrenches, and not all will work on all vehicles. To see the different types, see the best guide to oil filter wrenches. 

For example, a new oil filter may have a countersunk hole that is too deep for a large model (such as pliers). Alternatively, benefiting friends and family may be a one-time need. 

If you need to know how to remove an oil filter while traveling and you don’t have the filter at hand, you won’t go out to buy a new wrench. No one wants to pay for something that is used only once.

How to remove oil filter without tools

Now is the time to help remove the oil filter that is stuck in the car. You can use a variety of methods, such as removing the oil filter with a belt or chain. Now is the time to show you the steps you need to take.

Lifting the front of the car

How to remove Oil Filter without Tool

The first thing we discovered was that it is very difficult and in some cases impossible to remove it without a wrench. But let’s start with the full guide. The first thing to do is raise the front of the car. The oil filter is at the bottom of the engine, usually at the front. 

Place the jack in the location specified by the vehicle manufacturer and lift the vehicle. If you have a hydraulic jack, you can use it as well. When you’re done, fix the car. You can use literally anything to make it safe, and it doesn’t fall into your head.

Find the oil filter

If you look closely at the engine, you can see it clearly. Usually black or blue and round. If your car doesn’t have such a part, you may have a fully capped cartridge. In any case, the component should show “Oil”, which is almost always black. 

Regular car maintenance includes changing oil and filters every 5000 miles. If you are a serious car enthusiast and enjoy taking care of your car, you probably already know where the oil filter is. If you are one of them, you can move on to the next step. If not, use the internet to find the location.

Wipe Cleaning

It is recommended to clean the oil filter and its surroundings before proceeding to the next step. It doesn’t matter if the oil filter is dirty or has too much grease. Clean only the top that is connected to the motor. This is important to keep dirt and debris out of new oil filters and inside the engine. There is no other reason you need to clean it. 

Please note that this must be done before removing the old one. Removing and then cleaning risks contaminating new oil and oil filters. This should be avoided. When you’re done and the surface is clean, proceed to the next step.

Try using oil filter pliers

The first step in removing a clogged filter is to use oil filter pliers. They are the cheapest alternatives here and basically, look like regular pliers with two tips. You can go around the oil filter and rotate it. Make sure you grab it and take your time. 

In most cases this is sufficient and you can remove the oil filter without major problems. Remember that you can change and change the oil when you are done. 

If you still cannot remove the old oil filter, proceed to the next step.

Use Filter Housing Cup Wrench

Included in the tool kit, you will receive a case containing several cups. Each filter housing cup wrench is designed to fit a specific size oil filter, and it’s easy to find the one that’s right for you. You can use a wrench to remove the oil filter with much more force. This is the main reason why this method works most of the time and it works when all else fails. 

The suitcase contains multiple cups, so it can be used on all models and vehicles. It is important to know that there are oil filters of similar size. Do not confuse them or use large cups. The oil filter is damaged and cannot be removed. The cup goes into the bottom of the oil filter and you see the oil filter shaped to fit the cup. Most filters have one, and that’s why they’re used. 

If you choose this type of instrument, you will get a complete set or a cup that we recommend. Disposable cups are obviously cheaper, but can only be used with a single-size oil filter. Buying every UPS individually and making your own kit is the most expensive alternative you can think of.

Use a  3-way wrench for the oil filter adaptor

If an oil filter cartridge is present, it means that it cannot be accessed from the outside. This means there is a huge filter cover with several threads. A three-legged oil filter adaptor is required to remove it and access the oil filter cartridge. This looks like you can imagine and will help remove a proper oil filter. Yes, you can still use it on your old filter, but this is not your primary use. 

In addition, if the oil filter does not come out, you need to check the condition and the upper part. They may be damaged or have additional screws to hold them in place. In any case, this step will allow you to remove the oil filter cover you want and there will be no complications. 

DIY oil filter wrench

The belt trick may not work if you’re dealing with a stubborn squad. In this case, there is another option to make a DIY oil filter wrench with your own hands. You should have a socket wrench and extensions that are half what you need in a standard tool kit. 

Next, you will need a hood. If you don’t have one, you can easily find and purchase it. You can always ask your friends if they have old unnecessary items. 

 Equipment Required

  • Bandana
  • Socket wrench
  • Socket extension 
  • Gloves and goggles 
  • Disposable rags 
  • Drain Pan
  • Jack and jack stand (depending on device location)

Fold Bandana

Fold the bandana upward until it forms a string. Imagine preparing it for use as a headband. 

The end result should be a piece of fabric that can be laid flat. If the bandana continues to stretch, you may have twisted it too hard. 

Make a square knot

Make the hood into a wide circle. Make a square knot by holding both ends of the string so that it is not too short. For readers unfamiliar with the square knot follow these steps: 

  • Hold each end of the hood, one in each hand. 
  • Pass the right end above and below the left end, leaving a loop. 
  • Place the right end under the buttonhole. 
  • Tighten the knot only enough to prevent it from unraveling.

Installing the Expansion Slot

Slide the expansion slot through the slack in the assembly. Loosen if necessary so that the tool can be inserted. 

Square knots can now be tightened. Make sure it is firmly seated around the socket extension. 

Preparation of car

Wear gloves and glasses. If necessary, jack the vehicle, replace the jack with a stand, and install a drain pan.  Make sure the socket extension and wrench are within reach. I don’t want to do acrobatics, so I can catch them when the time comes.  

Wipe off the grease

Normal bandana material does not have a strong grip. Wipe excess grease from the filter with a cloth. 

Install and twist the bandana

Wind the bandana around the filter and begin to twist the socket extension towards the filter. This move tightens the homemade strap.

You will keep twisting until you are as strong as possible. Do not release socket extensions? Otherwise, everything will work out. 

Once secured, press the side of the extension unit against the filter you want to remove. Hold it with one hand. 

Attach a socket wrench

Attach a socket wrench to the extension. Memorize a simple mantra so you know in which direction to turn. Think of it as “the right side is tight and the left side is loose”.

Oil Filter Removal

Turn the homemade strap wrench until the filter is loose enough to be unscrewed by hand.


Would I be able to replace the oil without replacing the oil channel?

Yes and no. You can change the oil this way, but it is not recommended. As we mentioned, oil filters get clogged over time, and their ability to filter oil decreases. All of this suggests that the oil will return to the engine along with dust and metal particles that can damage the engine. A new oil filter is definitely worth the investment and can prevent costly malfunctions.

Is hand fixing an oil channel enough? 

Each respectable oil channel is intended to seal for a huge number of miles without any than a decent hand-fixing. You needn’t bother with a wrench except if you have one of those profoundly recessed channels with no space around it for your hands. Then, at that point, utilize the wrench to fix a half-turn more.

How to make an oil filter wrench? 

Such a simple wrench can be made using a chain from an old bicycle. Use a metal rod and attach the chain to the rod in one place. Then wind the chain around the oil filter and reattach the chain to the bar. Presently you should simply turn the wrench.

Does the oil filter need a torque wrench? 

The ratchet, socket set, and oil filter wrench take its place. In addition to these basics, you may need a torque wrench to properly install the plug and filter, but most skilled mechanics will notice that the screws and filter are tightened.

What is the best apparatus to eliminate the oil channel?

The best tool is an oil filter kit. It helps to apply maximum force to remove the oil filter and is suitable for all sizes and types. This kit is considered the best option and the most professional because it is easy to use and very durable without damaging the filter shell.


Next time you will find out how to remove an oil filter without wrench when you don’t have the proper tools. I’m not suggesting that you make this a habit, but it’s useful information. 

Ideally, you should purchase an oil filter wrench. An oil change is one of the most important maintenance tasks that won’t happen anytime soon. You won’t use the bandanna, belt, or screwdriver endlessly. As with any job, using the right tools can save you time and effort. 

Still, there are situations in which you should not buy a new instrument. For example, if you need to repair someone else’s car at home and change the filter. Save money and try it yourself.