Most Popular Air Compressor Brands in 2021

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If you need a new air compressor, it can be difficult to know which brand is both reliable and suitable for your individual needs. There are so many air compressor brands suitable for professional and industrial use, that condensing all of your options into a manageable list can prove to be both time-consuming and difficult.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the five most popular air compressor brands available online for you to narrow down your choices. Here is more information about each brand.

List of the Best Air Compressor Brands

1. Peerless Air Compressors

If you are searching for an air compressor that promises unwavering quality, then one of the many Peerless air compressors is a great choice.

With popular Peerless products, including the Peerless Oilless Silent Air Compressor 175LPM – PO13 and the Peerless PHP30 Three Phase High-Pressure 620LPM 5.5HP, the Peerless brand offers a versatile range of solutions for every need.

Since being founded in 1962, Peerless has consistently ranked as a reputable air compressor company that delivers long-lasting products.

Common features of Peerless air compressor products

  • Portable for easy maneuverability
  • 2 cylinders
  • Electrical start as an optional extra
  • Quick recovery period
  • Oilless pumps

2. Chicago Pneumatic air compressors

Chicago Pneumatics’ signature red and black air compressor ranges are continually recognized as being robust and dependable.

Since it was founded in 1901, the Chicago Pneumatic name has become synonymous with reliability and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Iconic Chicago Pneumatic air compressor products include the Air Compressor 5.5hp 23cfm and the Air Compressor 7.5hp 30cfm, both of which are made for everyday industrial use.

Common features of Chicago Pneumatic air compressor products

  • Dual compression pumps
  • Piston compressor type
  • Large 200L tank capacity
  • Semi-continuous use
  • 2-year pump warranty

3. AKKO air compressors

For an air compressor that undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its reliability and safety, AKKO air compressors are the top choice.

With all AKKO air compressor products going through more than one hundred individual inspections to check the quality, you can buy from the AKKO brand with complete confidence. AKKO customers can enjoy their air compressors for years to come without the worry of breakdown.

Some of the most popular AKKO air compressors include the Air Compressor Piston 7.5HP 3-Phase and the Air Compressor Piston 10HP 3-Phase, both instantly recognizable due to AKKO’s bright color scheme.

Common features of AKKO air compressor products

  • 5.5 kW electric motor type
  • 160L air tank capacity
  • Adjustable gauge and pressure switch
  • 3-phase motor complete with electronic protection
  • High-performance heads

4. Puma Air Compressors

Puma air compressors come in a range of different types, including both Petrol-powered as well as Diesel-powered motors. The motors are supplied by both Yanmar and Honda, which indicates that they are extremely reliable.

Puma’s new Honda petrol engine-powered air compressors offer a great solution for on-site or farm use where there’s no electric power available. There’s a wide choice of models from 6.5 to 13 hp, all featuring Puma’s innovative and durable long-stroke, cast iron compressor pumps for class-leading free-air-delivery performance.

Puma Diesel air compressors are now available in Australia powered by Yanmar diesel engines for use in critical safety environments. Mine Spec versions are available with emergency stop fuel shutoff. Outstanding free-air delivery and durability are both assured by Puma’s innovative long-stroke, cast iron compressor pumps.

Common Features of Puma Air Compressor Products include:

  • 740-1080 RPM
  • Petrol or Diesel-Powered Motor
  • Tank Volume – 60 – 140 Litres
  • Starter Key: Electric & Rope Pull

5. CleanAir

CleanAir compressors are extremely reliable and extremely popular. These compressors are virtually maintenance-free, as there is no oil change required throughout their use, and are of a small and compact design, making installation easy. The CleanAir silent compressors are certified ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 by the renowned TÜV institute: guaranteed 100% oil-free operation.

The CleanAir and Peerless compressors’ capacity ranges from 1.02 up to 2.53l/s (2.16 up to 5.36cfm), with an optional 1 or 3-phase supply and a maximum working pressure of 10bar (145psi).

Common Features of CleanAir Compressor Products include:

  • Silent & Low Maintenance
  • Capacity (2.16 up to 5.36cfm)
  • Maximum Working Pressure of 10 bar

Final Words

So, there you have it! Puma, CleanAir, Peerless, Chicago Pneumatic, and AKKO are five of the most popular air compressor brands available for you to buy today. With incredible industrial reliability, investing in these brands is an investment in efficiency and durability.