What is an air compressor used for?

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Every time you want to check the pressure of your car’s tires, an air compressor comes to life. An air compressor is used in various industries and for a myriad of reasons. In some instances, an air compressor enables you to perform functions without you even realizing it. To fully appreciate the importance of this equipment, we should first go to the basics.

What is an air compressor?

Air Compressor

It is merely a device where compressed air is stored for later use. The equipment converts diesel or electric power to potential power (pressurized air). The compressor has an inlet that allows air to enter a high capacity tank. The compressor shuts off when the air in the storage tank reaches the upper required capacity. The outlet valve allows the air out, and upon the lower limit capacity getting reached, the compressor comes back to life to add more air into the tank.

Types of air compressors

What is an air compressor used for depends mainly depends on the capacity of its tank. You can buy a low-pressure, medium-pressure, or a high-pressure air compressor. The capacity of the compressors is 150psi, 151-1000psi, and more than 1000psi for the respective air compressors.

You can further classify the air compressors according to their operating principle and design. You will find a rotary vane pump, turbo compressor, compound compressor, centrifugal compressor, among others. Let us look at the types of compressors according to the way their displacement mechanism.

1. Positive displacement compressors

This type of air compressor forces the air into a chamber. The volume of the storage chamber decreases because of the incoming compressed air. When the storage capacity is reached, an outlet valve opens and releases the air. Piston, rotary, and valve compressors are some of the positive displacement compressors.

2. Dynamic displacement compressors

These compressors use an impeller which uses centrifugal force to accelerate air and decelerate the captured air before pressurizing it. The compressors use kinetic energy.

What is an air compressor used for?

There are different types of air compressors in the market, and their uses are as diverse and varied. You can have this device in your home or business. There are also industrial compressors to choose from.

Air Compressors For your Home

You can have an air compressor in your home and use it for fun or profit. A home compressor will be small in size and can be moved around with ease. Most of these home-based compressors have wheels. You can use these heavy-duty air compressors for filling your truck or car’s tires. Although tire inflators or portable air compressors are also used for this purpose. So you have to choose the portable air compressors or tire inflators for your vehicle tires as per your requirements. The reciprocating piston compressors are the most popular among home users.

People who invest in a compressor mostly have a DIY attitude. They know how machines work or are ready to learn. Some of the activities you can do using your compressor include;

  • Use pneumatic tools which are compatible with air compressors
  • Adding pressure to tires
  • Inflate balloons and balls
  • Help you clean items by directing the air pressure to tight spots
  • Painting of cars and items

Air Compressors For Small Businesses

Many small businesses are now using pneumatic tools. They prefer the air compressor-driven tools to the electric ones. This is because these pneumatic tools are lighter and safer to operate. These tools don’t generate a lot of heat like the electric ones; hence can be used for prolonged periods. When you ask ‘what is an air compressor used for in a small business, the answer should focus more on the safety and the profit gained from using it. Here are some uses of an air compressor in a small business, which originates from the importance of the size of air compressors.

  • Dental and medical services
  • In pneumatic tools for nail guns for roofs and other surfaces
  • In auto shops for painting vehicles
  • Ski hills use air compressors to make snow
  • Carpenters use compressors for sanding and other functions
  • Construction site; pneumatic drills and hammers
  • Manufacturing firms use compressors for sandblasting

Air Compressors For Industries

The compressors used in industries are massive and of high capacity. Such compressors have storage capacities of more than 1000psi. You can filter out the best air compressors for your specific industry based on CMF rating, size, capacity, and noise level. Here are some applications of such compressors;

  • Used for spraying crops in farms
  • Dairy farmers use them to power dairy machines
  • Used to operate pneumatic material equipment
  • Operating automated machinery in manufacturing plants
  • Cutting and welding machinery
  • Spraying coating and pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Cement manufacturing plants
  • To insert and withdraw reactor rods in the energy exploration industry
  • Cooling and freezing food and beverages in the food industry

Why use an air compressor?

1. Versatile

An air compressor can be used for countless jobs. It is compatible with many household and industrial equipment. Use your compressor to blow dust from crevasses, inflate your car tires, or put nails on your roof.

2. It makes DIY very easy and fun

There are countless things in your home that can go wrong. Many are the times when you are required to call an expert to come and repair something. With an air compressor, you can handle many of the small jobs around your home.

3. It enables you to use a plethora of devices

You can use a hammer, pressure gauge, drill, or blower when you have an air compressor. With a compressor, you can repaint your car or house. It makes life easy.

4. Air is free

A compressor pressurizes air for your use. Air is one of the free tools of the trade we have, and yet few people appreciate this. ‘What is an air compressor used for?’ should no longer be a tough question for you.

Conclusion on Air Compressors Uses

A compressor makes your quality of life improve drastically. Your business will reap huge profits when you invest in the right air compressor. First, identify your needs. Then it becomes easier to recognize the many areas where the device can make your life easier. This device is compatible with almost every type of business, whether small or big.