Scania Truck Review

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In this article, you will be taken through a comprehensive Scania truck review better to understand the difference between some of the well-known models. Consequently, you will be able to know which model best serves your needs, thereby get to make an informed decision. Additionally, you will get to understand why you need not consider any other company apart from this one when searching for the best-used trucks to buy.

Who is the owner of Scania?

The Scania brand, which dates back to the 1800s, is a Swedish company belong to the (VW) Volkswagen Group and is famed for making trucks of exceptional quality. This popularity among individuals is usually because of their reliability as well as practicality while out on the road. Therefore, it is barely surprising these trucks are the go-to option for most drivers who traverse the country transporting cargo.

List of the Best Scania Trucks

1. Scania 620

If you are looking for powerful trucks from the Swedish manufacturer, then look no further since the Scania 620 ticks all the boxes. Integrated into this model is a 16-liter V8 engine that has SCR configuration. It can produce 620hp and has a torque rating of 3,000Nm. Moreover, it features 14-speed Opticruise AMT transmissions, and the included gearboxes come with two crawler gears.

This model has a fresh facelift that gives it a rounder and smoother appearance. Scania 620 cab corners also have a slight deflector lip that helps keep dirt and spray away from the mirrors. Furthermore, this truck’s driving lights are somewhat smaller and have sunken inside the sun visor, plus the visor ends open, thereby making the ab more aerodynamic and slippery. Nevertheless, this design has received some criticisms for being somewhat outdated.

A Scania truck review of the 620 model shows that it is, in general, an improvement of the previous versions, and you could help you make approximately a 3% fuel saving. Due to the success of the R series, the company is hesitant to make changes to this truck’s current version. Thus, they have instead opted for vehicle optimization as an ideal strategy to install new upgrades into this model.

If you are looking for a reliable truck, then the Scania 620 is an excellent pick with the transmission package, engine, and retarder the stand out features. Therefore, you will never encounter any trouble operating it even when in a loaded B-triple and trying to do stand hill starts.

2. Scania G440 Truck

Are you looking for struck that is an agile prime mover around town and can still capably handle drives to the countryside? If so, then you need to get yourself the Scania G440, which incorporates numerous technical features that help make your driving experience simpler, more efficient, and less draining. Therefore, you can be busy driving the truck through the day and still retain adequate energy to relax and have some fun later.

Scania G440 truck features the DC13 engine that usually makes use of the low-maintenance two-stage EGR (cooled exhaust gas recirculation). Thanks to this, the 13-liter six-cylinder engine gets to attain the Euro 5 compliance. Inside this Scania truck is an engine that capably produces 440hp as well as 2,300Nm, which is more than enough to power it through long distances with ease. Additionally, it features an AdBlue tank as well as an associated selective catalytic reduction (SCR) hardware. Which was not necessary for reducing the exhaust emissions.

Integrated into the engine is the XPI electronically-controlled high-pressure fuel injection from Scania that ensures fuel burning is precise. It also comes with a centrifugal engine oil filter and a separate oil filter for the turbocharger’s variable geometry, which helps prolong the operating life. The Scania G440 comes installed with an air cleaner that is placed below the front grille on the driver’s side of the plus an 11-blade viscous-coupled fan.

So, if you are looking for a Scania truck that is an exceptional inter-urban prime mover, then the G440 is perfect for you. Additionally, the same applies if you want a truck that is efficient and makes your trips less strenuous.

3. Scania R730

This award-winning Scania model from the R-series range is, without a doubt, one of the best trucks on the market that you need to consider. It produces 730hp, hence making it the most powerful truck across the globe as well as a torque rating of 3.500N. The amount of power, Scania R730 truck can produce has made it a trendy choice among many drivers who love speed.

Scania made several changes to the overall design of the R730 to make it easy to distinguish the different models in the R-series range. This truck’s chrome trim, as well as chrome badges positioned near the fresh air intakes, further improve the appearance of this truck. The radiator grille inserts now have a black finish, and inside the cab, you will find several V8 badges positioned strategically.

If you prioritize engine power, then you are in luck as the Scania R730 has what you want. Thus, you can crisscross across the country comfortably, safely, and quickly.

4. Scania 380

If you have been searching for a truck that provides you with excellent all-round performance, then the Scania 380 is a great choice. Whereas it is not perfect in all aspects, it outshines many of its bitter rivals, making it one of the preferred picks by drivers.

This truck comes with the DC12 13 380 six-cylinder engine that can produce a peak power of 375hp at 1,800rpm. It also features a 12-speed automated manual OptiCruise transmission. While still retaining the clutch pedal that allows you to start either in first gear, reverse, or reaching a dead stop after your drive. Furthermore, its pedal is sprung lightly, thereby making it takeoffs easy. While simultaneously producing a “clutch knee,” which is a common issue in bulky clutch pedal scenarios. You do not need a lot of experience to understand how best to balance between the parking brake and the clutch.

Inside this truck’s cab, the switches and dials are not many, and the ones present are positioned strategically to offer you suitable driver ergonomics. The cab’s comfort is also outstanding. So you never need to worry about getting very fatigued when taking long trips with this truck.

Therefore, if you have been looking for a Scania truck that is very effective, comfortable and produces minimal noise. Then look no further since the Scania P380 ticks all these boxes.

5. Scania R560

Scania’s R-series has been subject to much debate due to the premium quality they offer. The Scania R560 is no exception as this truck comes installed with a 16-liter V8 engine that is well capable of generating 553hp. Its torque rating is 2,700Nm, and the manufacturer ensures it has an incredible airflow to ensure the engine is always cool. To help with this are six grille slats positioned horizontally that guide the cooling air across the radiators as well as charge air cooler. Eventually, the air gets expelled through the transmission tunnel.

Rather than having the conventional gearshift, the Scania R560 features an OptiCruise automated manual transmission and a stalk on its steering wheel. Thanks to this, you get to pick between “Drive” or “Reverse.” Additionally, there is a “hill” function that conveys information to the computer to grasp the gears for an extended duration, hence allowing for improved acceleration. You will also find a switch that engages the “manual” mode. So you can enjoy changing cogs without needing to either balance the clutch or match revs.

Getting inside and outside this truck is easy, and you can do it without causing your shoulders or knees too much stress. Scania trucks interior feature a mixture of wood trim as well as leather, which further enhance the truck’s comfort and tranquil feel.

The Scania R560 is thus undoubtedly an excellent choice if you are looking for a truck that provides you with impeccable performance without comprising comfort.


After reading through this Scania truck review article, you now have an idea which of these models best suits your needs. This information is vital, as each of these models mentioned above has a specific strength and weakness that you need to take into account to make an informed decision. Fortunately, we have made your work a lot easier. So if you are searching for the best trucks to buy, then consider any of the Scania trucks as they will not disappoint. Subsequently, you will be able to carry out your daily activities more effectively as well as without compromising on your comfort and safety.