Viking jump starter and power pack review

The Viking car’ starter and power pack operate using a lithium battery, which supplies 221 amps as the starting current and 450 amps as the peak current. These jump starters are capable of jump-starting cars with eight-cylinder engines or UTVs. It is also called lithium ion jump starter and power pack. This jump starter has a safe and smart jumper cable and an 8,000 mAh high capacity power bank. Furthermore, it features various amazing features which such as built-in flashlights, which make it perfect for use in emergencies.

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Since this jump starter has various amazing features, in this article, we shall go through the Viking jump starter and power pack review.

Specifications & Features to look for when purchasing a Viking jump starter

When looking for a Viking jump starter that best suits your need, there are various vital features you would like to assess such as:


  • Cranking: This is one of the essential elements in a jump starter; therefore, you must evaluate it before purchasing any jump starter. Cranking refers to the total amount of power discharged by the battery within 30 seconds at 0 degree Celsius. Therefore buying a Viking jump starter that features cold-cranking amps is perfect for use during winter or places that experience low temperatures.
  • Power output: Since the Viking compact power pack charger or jump-starter features various power outputs, it is advisable to check on it before making a purchase. The peak amperage or current delivery offered by a jump starter usually determines its power output. Peak amperage is the amount of energy a Viking jump starter discharges. For you to start your car’s engine, you should consider purchasing a jump starter with high power output.
  • Warranty: When purchasing a jump starter, it is advisable to check on the warranty since it differs by the product offered. It is always essential to buy a Viking jump starter that allows returns or exchanges when it becomes faulty.
  • Sturdiness: Having a Viking jump starter that functions for long without recharging is essential; therefore, always assess the durability of a jump starter before purchasing. Furthermore, a jump starter that features an excellent impact resistance is still the best.
  • Weight and size: Viking jump starters and power pack feature various sizes and weights. Therefore, you should always choose the one that best suits your needs. For convince, a small jump starter with a lightweight design is the best.
  • Length of the cable: Having a long cord which is capable of reaching the battery terminal of your car is vital; however, this will depend on your preference. Usually, 12 feet is the most recommended length.
  • Budget: When purchasing a Viking jump starter and power pack, staying within your budget is essential. Furthermore, your budget will determine the type of jump starter you will buy. Always come up with an informed decision when purchasing a jump starter.
  • Customer reviews: Checking on customers’ reviews of a particular product is often essential. With these reviews, you will be able to understand how productive the product is as well as its shortcomings. Before you purchase a Viking jump starter and power pack, assessing its reviews is always a great option.
  • An easy to use design: Having a jump starter with an easy to use design is essential for use during emergencies. Always consider purchasing a Viking jump starter and power pack with easy to operate designs.
  • Additional Features: Different Viking jump starters feature various other features. Therefore, always assess the additional features each design has to offer and purchase the one that best suits you. Some amazing additional features such as air compressors which help in inflating flat tire is perfect for use during emergencies.
  • Safety features: For you to experience peace of mind while working, always assess the safety features of a jump starter before purchasing it. Some vital safety features include the reverse polarity where an alarm goes off, or the device turns off when you disconnect the cables to the battery terminals.

Pros & Cons of Viking jump starter and power pack


Viking jumps starter and power pack features, which make it an excellent investment. Some of the beneficial aspects of this jump starter include:

  • Power backup: One of the most amazing features of the Viking jump starter is its powerful power bank, which is capable of delivering an ample amount of amps. The power bank offers multiple usages before being recharged.
  • Easy to use: With the Viking jump starter, you do not need assistance from a different car to help in jump-starting your vehicle. Since it is designed for emergencies, this jump starter is self-reliant, and it is easy to operate.
  • Great design: Viking jump starter is famous for having a great design that offers safety to the user. Reverse polarity is among the built-in safety features provided by this jump starter.
  • Portable: Despite having a powerful power bank and great design, the Viking jump starter features a portable design that makes perfect for emergencies. Furthermore, portability helps in boosting the functionality of a jump starter, making it easy for you to operate solely.
  • Multi-functions: Other than assisting in jump-starting your car, the Viking Lithium ion jump starter and power pack features USB ports where you can charge your electrical devices.


Despite being a great device, this jump starter has some disadvantages such as:

  • Less energy production: Viking jump starters are said to produce less power when compared to the regular jump starts with excellent energy production.
  • Reduced functionality: When used for way too long, these jump starters tend to overheat and reduce their functionality.

Reading the Viking Power Pack Manual and Car's Manual is critical

Before jump-starting your vehicle, it is advisable to go through the Viking power pack manual and car’s manual. Some cars feature an automatic ignition system and do not require a jump start. Whereas there are cars that require specific jump starters lugs. Therefore, going through your car’s manual before jump-starting it crucial.

  • When jump-starting your vehicle, ensure that the engine is turned off as well as the Viking jump starter before jump-starting. Furthermore, ensure there is no electrical device connected to the car, such as your laptop and smartphone. This is because jump-starting will send a power surge, which might affect all the connected devices.
  • Ensure that your car’s gear is either in Neutral or Park before jump-starting.
  • Before you turn on the Viking jump starter to initiate jump-starting, ensure that the clips are well connected to the battery’s terminal. The red clip should be attached to the positive terminal, whereas the black clip should be attached to the negative terminal.

Safety tips when operating a Viking jump starter and power pack

Usually, Viking jump starters and power pack come with safety tips; however, there are some tips which are universal when it comes to jumping starters.

1. Avoid Dirt and Contamination

When jump-starting a car with the Viking jump starter, ensure that the connection clips and the battery terminals are in good condition. Make sure that there is no dirt or any contaminant which might interfere with the jump starting process.

2. Avoid starting in Rain

You should always avoid jump-starting your car when raining — as with most electronic devices, keeping water away from the battery of your vehicle is vital. Since water is a good conductor of electricity, it might make jump starting dangerous more than it needs to be.

3. Put on a pair of Thick Gloves

When jump-starting your car, ensure that you put on a pair of thick gloves. This will help in protecting you from potential electrical shock. Furthermore, having safety glasses is great for protecting your eyes from sparks, which may occur as a result of jump-starting. However, some jump starters feature the anti-sparking system.

4. Avoid dangling jewelry & Loose Clothes

Avoid wearing dangling jewelry and loose clothes when jump-starting your car. By doing so, you will be separating yourself from the process hence ensuring your safety.

Final Verdict on Viking Lithium Ion Jump Starter and power pack

You cannot depend on your car’s battery entirely, particularly in winter or areas which experience cold weather. Often starting your car’s engine in the morning is a significant problem. In such a situation, having a Viking jump starter will be helpful in jump-starting your vehicle.

Nevertheless, there are numerous designs of lithium ion jump starter and power pack or Viking jump starter available in the market, and picking the best can be complicated. In this article, we were able to come up and summarized all the indispensable features you would require to put in mind before acquiring a Viking jump starter.

Since there are several aspects, you need to reflect on before acquiring a Viking jump starter, and you should always ensure you have the one that meets your requirements the best. Furthermore, knowing the peak amps as well as the cranking amps of a jump starter before a purchase is vital. Always note that you should not crank your car’s engine for more than 5 seconds. When it fails to start, you should try to jump-start it again for about 4 to 5 times, and if it fails, replacing the battery will be a good idea.

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