Best Way to Cover Broken Car Window

When was the last time you had a car accident? Did you get hurt? Were you able to fix the damage yourself? Was your car window broken?

In most cases, the answer is “yes.” However, sometimes you need professional help. Whether you need to replace a windshield, repair a dent, or even change the whole body of your vehicle, you need to find someone who knows how to do it right.

In this article, I’ll share with you the best way to cover a broken car window. It’s easy and cheap! You can use common household items that will work just as well as any other product on the market.

Can You Drive Around With a Broken Window?

The first thing you want to know is if you can drive around with a broken window. If you are in an accident, you don’t want to be stuck at home because you have no transportation. The good news is that you can still drive around with a broken car window.

If you’re lucky enough to have insurance, then your insurer will pay for the cost of repairing your car. But if you don’t have insurance, you may not be so fortunate. In that case, you’ll need to make sure that you can afford to fix your car before you leave the scene of the accident.

If you do decide to go out driving with a broken window, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that there aren’t any loose objects inside your car that could fall out and cause injury to others.
  • Don’t put anything in your trunk that you wouldn’t want falling out of your car when you hit something.

Best Material to Cover Broken Car Window

Now let’s talk about what kind of material you should use to cover a broken car glass. There are two main types of materials available:

1) Plastic sheeting – This type of plastic comes in rolls that are typically used by roofers. These sheets come in different sizes and thicknesses. They also come in many colors. Some people prefer using these over duct tape because they look more professional.

2) Duct Tape – This is another popular choice among DIY enthusiasts. Unlike plastic sheeting, duct tape does not come in rolls. Instead, you simply cut off pieces of duct tape as needed.

3) Aluminum Foil – While aluminum foil isn’t usually recommended for covering windows, it’s perfect for protecting your car from scratches. Just like the plastic sheeting, you can buy aluminum foil in various shapes and sizes. 

The Best Way To Cover A Broken Car Window?

There are many ways to cover a broken car glass. The best way to cover a broken car window is to cover it with duct tape and a thick plastic sheet. This method works because you don’t have to worry about damaging the car by using sharp objects.

Tools Needed to Cover a Broken Windshield

In this process, you will need a few tools that are mostly available in your home. Here is the list of the tools required for this process:

  • Duct Tape
  • Plastic Sheet
  • Hammer
  • Scissors

Step-1: Remove Remaining Windshield Glass

Before starting the process, make sure that there is no remaining glass inside the car. If there is anything left, you might end up breaking something else while trying to remove it.

Use the hammer to break the remaining glass. Make sure that you hit it from the bottom so that the glass doesn’t fly off.

If you see any pieces of glass stuck into the dashboard, try not to smash them. Instead, carefully pull out the piece of glass.Step-2: Cut Plastic Sheets and Prepare To Cover The Windshield

The next step is cutting the plastic sheets. The size of the plastic sheet depends on the size of the damaged area.

You can cut the plastic sheets using scissors. Use the scissors to cut the plastic sheet along the edges of the damaged area. Make sure that you keep the plastic sheet flat.

Make sure that you leave enough space between the edge of the plastic sheet and the damaged area. Otherwise, the wind will blow through the gap and cause more problems.Step-3: Place Plastic Over The Damaged Area

Now place the plastic over the damaged area. Try to stretch it evenly across the entire surface.

Place the plastic sheet at least 1 inch above the damaged area. This allows air to flow freely underneath the plastic sheet.Step-4: Secure The Plastic With Duct Tape

Once you’re done placing the plastic sheet over the damaged area, secure it with duct tape.

Start by wrapping the tape around the plastic sheet. Then wrap the tape around the backside of the plastic sheet.

Continue wrapping the tape until you reach the front side of the plastic sheet and then start wrapping again.

This makes the plastic sheet stay tight against the damaged area.

How to Cover Broken Rear Car Window With a Plastic Sheet?

Wrapping a Car Rear Windshield

To cover a broken rear car window, use the same steps mentioned earlier. However, instead of covering the front side of the car, cover the backside.

Covering the backside of the car helps prevent water from entering the car. It also prevents dirt from getting inside the car.

Step-by-step Process to Cover a Broken Rear Car Window

  1. Remove all the remaining glass.
  2. Hammer the remaining glass.
  3. Cut the plastic sheet.
  4. Place the plastic sheet over the damaged area.
  5. Secure the plastic sheet with duct tape.
  6. Start wrapping the tape around the backside of the rear window. Continue wrapping the tape until you get to the front side of the sheet.
  7. Wrap the tape around the front side of the plate.


If you’re involved in an accident where your windshield is damaged, you’ll eventually need to cover it with something transparent. With this method, you can get back home or to a car repair shop to get your car window fixed properly.

This article explains the steps you need to take to cover your car window properly. You can use plastic sheets and duct tape to cover up the sheet for temporary protection from dust, wind, or water.