A Closer Look at the Benefits of Car-Free Living

Living car-free offers many benefits that we cannot mention all of them. Today, we are going to look at some of the major benefits of living without a car. That said, here are a few benefits that living without a car offers:

  • Saves time
  • Will help you improve Your Health
  • Enables you to spend more time outdoors
  • Saves money

1. Will Help Improve Your Health

I am sure that everyone would like to be a bit healthier and you may be a rare breed if you feel like there is nothing to improve when it comes to your health and wellness department. Living without a car will help you improve your health as it will increase your exercise time. This is because exercise time will replace the time you would have spent driving. Car time will be replaced by biking, walking, kayaking, and other commuting styles that will make you lead an active lifestyle. 

If you ride your bicycle for 20 miles per week, you can burn an additional 600-700 calories. The number of calories you burn when cycling depends on how hard you cycle. Riding 100 miles per week will burn an extra 3500 calories. This is equal to 1 pound of weight loss if you do not eat more to compensate for the increased physical activity. 

The same can be said of walking because the more you walk, the more physically active you become and the better your health will be. Weight loss is not the only health benefit of car-free living. Living without a car will mean that you will not become sick more often as your heart will become stronger and the risk factor for diseases will be reduced. 

I don’t like wasting time. Commuting to work is the biggest waste of time I have. In the UK, the 27-mile commute time often takes between 45 and 2 hours on a bad day! This is a huge waste of time. Replacing car time with a walk or bike commute may take longer but will help you reclaim the wasted time while helping you increase your physical activity.

Commuting by bike will make you feel nice as you will have a more productive morning than wasting time in a car. Living car-free will reduce stress on your work commute and help you arrive home a happier person. Keep in mind that being behind the wheel is among the most stressful parts of a driver’s day because of the driving hassles. Look you may be in love with your car for its comfort, how it looks, or even because of the personalized registration, however, you would be a lot healthier without it  In every aspect, commuting by foot or bike improves the wasted time of commuting by car.

2. Increases the Time You Spend Outdoors

According to studies, Vitamin D is needed to reduce stress. Our bodies create vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun. Walking to work or cycling on a bike will increase your exposure to the sun and enable your body to create vitamin D hence reducing your stress levels. Besides, walking or cycling releases endorphins which make a cyclist’s high (or walker’s, or runner’s high).

If you don’t usually spend time outdoors, start considering doing so today. This is one of the top benefits you gain from living without a car.

3. Saves Money 

Living without a car can help you save a lot of money. You can use the money saved to do other important things such as investing in index funds. Keep in mind that an average car is driven between 10,000 and 20,000 miles per year. A car driven 10,000 miles per year with great gas mileage (40 mpg) consumes 250 gallons of gas or 600 to 750 dollars depending on gas prices. 

Apart from gas savings, you don’t need car insurance when you live without a car. Car insurance rates are usually 5,000 dollars or more per year depending on the number of cars you own and your history. A car-free life can also help you save money on the following things:

  • Registration tax 
  • Maintenance costs on your vehicles 
  • Inspections 
  • Property tax
  • Depreciation costs on vehicles

Even if you are frugal and try to pinch your pennies, owning a car will still cost you thousands of dollars per year. Living car-free can help you save 2000 dollars or more per year.

Replacements costs on vehicles will be replaced by the purchase and maintenance of bicycles. The good thing is that yearly maintenance of bicycles costs less than car maintenance as it costs 300 dollars or less to maintain a bike per year even if you pay your local bike shop to do the maintenance. If you are frugal, you can do the maintenance by yourself and save even more money.

I understand that it’s hard to imagine living without a car. Cars have their uses and among the most reasonable to me is long-distance travel. Leaving your cars at home can help you enjoy most of the benefits of a car-free lifestyle. Only use your car for long-distance travel. 

The only benefit you will lose is lower gas usage. You still improve your health, reduce stress, and save time. And since you will be a low-mileage user, talk to your insurance provider about reducing your rates to help you save money. As you can see, a car-free life is something worth considering because of the many benefits that this lifestyle offers.

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