Best Air Compressor For Nail Gun in 2022

A nail gun is a tool that uses compressed air to drive nails through wood or other materials. It can be used to quickly build things like furniture, decks, fences, sheds, etc. There are many different types of nail guns available, but they all work by creating a high-pressure stream of air that drives the nail into the material.

It’s quite a handy tool to have in your toolbox. You need to find the best air compressor for nail gun that gives you the best chance to complete various tasks. What’s more, you need a model that is robust enough to handle the extended use.

When you think of buying, one you might hurry directly to the market. What you might not have known is, the market is overflowed with all types of these air compressors. Most of them are nowhere near reliable or durable. Luckily for you, we understand the hassle buys go through searching for the best nail gun air compressor. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you this top 5 review to help you know what to buy in the shortest time possible.

Let’s get started!

1. PORTER-CABLE C2002 – best Air Compressor for Nail Guns

If you need a compact, portable and robust air compressor for a nail gun, well, you might want to lay your hands on Porter-Cable C2002. It’s a lightweight and portable model designed for job sites, workshops, and all-round homestead use. It’s an ideal choice for all jobs, from nail guns powering and trim installing to tire and air mattress inflating. The shaping is also perfect for ensuring it fits in small spaces and allows you to carry it with you.

When it comes to its performance, what you get here is nothing short of excellence. Yes, it might have some power limitations. But if you consider its size, you can agree that it’s perfect for a small home project. The best part is that it uses a low-amp, 120v-rated motor that’s robust and efficient. What’s more, the air compressor motor starts smoothly in cold weather – you never struggle with it.

With the compressor motor delivering 150PSI maximum pressure, you can expect nothing but extended runtime and peak productivity. The use of an inbuilt, automatic thermal overload protection ensures your investment stays safe. And at 2.6 SCFM at 90PSI or 3.7 SCFM at 40PSI, the unit can fast recharge its 6-gallon tank. With this air compressor, you also get to enjoy the flexibility and do more work at high pressure. All thanks to its high-flow air regulator.


  • Regulated factory-installed air couplers
  • Rubber feet & upgraded handle
  • Stable pancake-style tank
  • High-flow air regulator
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Water drain valve


  • Maintenance-Free Reliability
  • Reliable oil-free pump
  • Clean, efficient operation
  • Optimum portability


  • High noise level
  • Strong vibrations
  • The instructions are not clear

2. BOSTITCH BTFP02012 – Best Portable Air Compressor for Nail Gun

For those searching for the best air compressor for nail guns conveniently sized for portability, here is an option. The Bostitch BTFP02012 is a pancake air compressor designed for high-power performance and reliability. It’s a robust model ideal for handling small air tools like a nail gun. Like the previous model, this unit comes with a compact, lightweight, and portable design that allows you to take wherever you need like. The construction is heavy-duty – it makes sure it says in shape even when used in roughest job sites.

Bostitch BTFP02012 comes as a 6-gallon 150PSI air compressor. It uses an oil-free and maintenance-free pump, thus taking away all the user’s maintenance worries. It’s designed to deliver 2.6 SCFM at 90PSI, which is enough for powering a nail gun. At its maximum, the air compressor can give you an impressive 150PSI ideal for a long tool run. When refilling, you don’t have to wait long, all thanks to its fast recovery. The use of a high-torque motor ensures you get nothing but high-efficiency and better reliability.

What’s more, the Bostitch BTFP02012 has a high-flow regulator and factory-built couplers. The two maximize the air tool performance and quickens your work rate. The use of two universal couplers allows you to connect two air tools at once. The noise rating is relatively low – the Bostitch BTFP02012 is manufacturer rated 78.5dBA and user rated 80dBA. The noise level is ideal for a quiet work site.

The perfect sizing, the lightweight design, exceptional output, and long-lasting construction should be enough to make you buy this air compressor.


  • BOSTITCH® high-efficiency motor
  • Dual universal couplers
  • Operational noise level
  • Electric Power Supply
  • High-flow regulator
  • Oil-Free Pump



  • The recovery time could be better.
  • Its noise level might be high in some settings.

3. DEWALT DWC1KIT-B – Best Air Compressor Nail Gun Combo

If you need the best air compressor and a high-quality nail gun, you need to replace your low-performing nail gun, DEWALT DWC1KIT-B is your package. It comes as a nailer and air compressor combo kit featuring a DWFP55126 Air Compressor and DWFP12231 18 GA Brad Nailer. You can say, it is a Nail Gun Compressor combo. It’s perfect for home projects as well as small commercial construction jobs like roofing and wood fencing. However, the DWFP55126 Air Compressor is designed to deliver optimal performance and allow top portability.

That’s why DWFP55126 Air Compressor comes with a small, lightweight design featuring an ergonomic carrying handle. The construction is also something intriguing. Why? The body features a durable steel tank painted with a thick layer of rust-resistant paint. Besides that, the air compressor uses a durable oil-free pump. With it, it’s able to give you robust, long-lasting, and maintenance-free operation.

The DWFP12231 18 GA brad Nailer features Precision Point™ Technology. What is that? Well, it’s a precise nail placement technology allowing you to increase your productivity. The nailer also has a tool-free jam release system allowing you to have easy nail removal. The construction is also high-quality. It does feature a heavy-duty body built for various job sites, including the roughest. It’s a nail gun that any buyer would love with the first touch.

When it comes to the provided hose, the story is the same. It’s a high-quality, high-pressure hose designed to last a lifetime. It features 300 maximum PSI rating. The design allows it to be robust, abrasion-resistant, and highly durable. There is also a PVC/rub blend, which is lightweight and with not marrying. It also has low memory revisiting twisting and kinks.


  • Reinforced abrasion resistance hose
  • A tool-free jam release mechanism
  • Precision Point™ Technology
  • Durable oil-free pump
  • PVC/rubber blend
  • Easy nail removal


  • Lightweight & easy portability
  • Extended operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long tool runtime
  • Fast recovery


  • Expensive

4. California Air Tools 8010A – Best Air Compressor for Brad Nailer

If you need the best air compressor that gives you enough power to run two nail guns for an extended period, you might want to settle with the California Air Tools 8010A. When you consider what you are buying here, you’ll for sure get amazed. The features talk for themselves. It comes packed with multiple elements that most air compressors of its class lack. It’s ideal for both residential and commercial use.

It comes as an ultra-quiet, lightweight, oil-free air compressor designed to be reliable and versatile. It uses a robust 1HP motor operating at under 1680RP translating to less wear and minimal noise. The use of an oil-free dual-piston pump allows it to deliver nothing but high performance with improved durability. The oil-free system means you do not have to worry about frequent, costly maintenances. What’s more, it allows easy starting of the motor in a variety of temperatures and usability in uneven terrains.

Construction is also something you’ll love. It features lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum construction, ensuring it stays in shape for an extended period. Another thing, many of its users were pleased with the wheels used here. They make this unit more mobile and easy to transport. What makes things more intriguing is, few wires are hanging around, translating to lower electric shock risk.


  • Engineered for High Performance
  • Increased Project Efficiency
  • Rust-Free Aluminum Tank
  • Oil-free dual Piston Pump
  • Wheel kit


  • Oil-Free & Lightweight
  • Reliable durability
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to transport
  • Ultra-Quiet


  • The recovery time could be better.

5. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore – Best Nail Gun Compressor

With it featuring a Cast iron pump that has a Big Bore cylinder and piston engineered to provide faster recovery time, Makita MAC2400 is built for improved performance. Everything on it is centered at providing nothing but the best level of convenience and reliability. You will love to hear it comes with a Low AMP draw designed to reduce tripped breakers’ incidences during startup. What’s more, its 4.2 gallon of the twin-stacked tank does excellent work. It’s also something ideal for any small home workstation. You can comfortably use it for filling your car tires while you hurry to work.

It sustains an operating pressure of 130PSI and delivers 4.8 CFM at 40PSI. You can also get 4.2 CFM at 90PSI, enough for two nail guns. The pump used here is oil lubricated. That means it’s able to run cold with reduced wear. There is also the use of a built-in thermal overload. It’s a piece of safety providing additional protection to the motor. Additionally, the application of two universal quick couplers allows another level of versatility. That gives you the freedom to connect the two machines and operate them at the same time if you will.

Another thing, most of the Makita MAC2400 has a roll cage construction. That provides complete protection allowing it to withstand extreme and roughest job site environments. Another feature you might love is the large automotive-style industrial air filter. It’s put in place to give you improved air intake and better efficiency. And lastly, it’s good to mention the implementation of oil sight glass that provides smooth, fast, and efficient maintenance.


  • Heavy-duty cast iron cylinders
  • Large automotive-style filter
  • Heavy-duty, cast iron pump
  • Best-in-class engineering
  • Large Diameter Piston


  • Compact and energy-efficient
  • Increased durability
  • Improved air intake
  • Greater efficiency


  • The paint job could be better with these compressors.
  • The noise level isn’t ideal for some users.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Nail Gun Air Compressor

As you might have noticed from the list above, the best air compressors for nail guns must be high-quality, something durable, and heavy-duty. When choosing the best, consider your budget, preference, design, and remember to check the pressure capacity. Those are crucial as you might be forced to return the unit if you got something unproductive for your tasks.